Curio 21 Release Notes

Release Date

March 7, 2022


Curio 21 runs on macOS 10.15 Catalina through macOS 12 Monterey on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or . Notes specific to the Mac App Store build of Curio will be marked with .

New Features

The Insert > Gallery popovers now support drag-and-drop of styles and stencils directly to the idea space.


Detachable Insert Galleries

The Insert popover and the individual Insert > Gallery popovers can now be detached to become free-floating windows. Use the Insert gallery button or drag-and-drop to insert items into your idea space. Detached windows are restored on re-launch.


Recent Shares

At the very top of the Sharing popup, Curio now lists the most recent export and mail sharing selections so you can quickly choose them again.


Custom Sharing Actions

Curio Pro now supports an advanced feature where you can configure custom sharing actions to send selected figures directly to other applications using their app URL schemes.


Create Linked Idea Space

Right-click on a text figure and, via the context menu, instantly create a new idea space with the same title as the figure and a jump action to the newly created idea space will then be associated with the figure.


More New Features

  • Figure Date Meta Variables
    New support for {%FigureStartDate}, {%FigureDueDate}, {%FigureDoneDate}, and {%FigureTagNames} variables.
  • Export Style
    You can now easily export the current idea space or selected figure style via Format > Export Style.


Quick Find Scope

When searching with Quick Find you can now specify a scope, such as scope:ideaspace or scope:section/ to restrict the query.

Quick Find Save Name

When saving a Quick Find query you can now give it an optional name.


Zoom to Selection

You can now select one or more figures and choose View > Zoom to Selection to zoom and center to the selected figures.

Smart Zoom to Selection

Lots of new advanced preferences so you can double-tap to Smart Zoom (if enabled in your System Preferences) to the selected figures or the hovered-over figure, or if no figures the hovered-over point. Double-tap again to restore your view.

Quick Zoom In

You can temporarily zoom into the idea space to work more closely with a figure under the mouse pointer by holding Shift-Q. When you release those keys the view is restored.

🔬 Experimental Presentation Zoom

Experimental support for zoom key shortcuts and double-tap Smart Zoom during presentation mode.

Curio Variable Autocompletion

When typing Curio variables, such as {%ProjectTitle} you will see an autocompletion popup so you can choose a variable more easily.


Import Custom Variables

You can now import a CSV file of custom variable keys and values directly into the Project inspector.



Pinboard Idea Graphs

Idea graphs can now be created within pinboard collections. If both connected figures are in the same pinboard then the pinboard will own and manage the connection line. You can also create connections outside of the collection and it will be owned by the idea space itself.


Stacks and Albums Expand Widget

Titled and untitled stacks and albums that are collapsed via Spacebar will now show a helpful expansion button so you know it's collapsed and can click to expand it.

StackWithTitleCollapsed StackWithNoTitleCollapsed

Optional Toolbar Buttons

New lock, unlock, group, and ungroup toolbar buttons are now available via the customize toolbar palette.


Inspector Help Buttons

Added help buttons to most of the inspector panels to bring you directly to the online help for that panel.


Automatic Project Categories via Finder Tags

Setting Curio Finder tags via the title bar dropdown or the Finder itself can now automatically associate project categories used in the Project Gallery and Status shelf. Please see the docs for lots of details.


More Improvements

  • Date Variable Formatting
    Date variables now support ISO 8601 and RFC 3339 standard formats like {%IdeaSpaceDateAddedISO8601}, custom formats like {%ProjectDateCreatedFormat:yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ}, and a new WithTime extra styling {%IdeaSpaceDateAddedWithTimeLong}.
  • 🔬 Experimental Mind Map Branch Gap

    New experimental setting to increase the gap between branches in mind maps. Changing this will impact the rendering of all exisitng mind maps! Here we bump it up to 20.


  • Presentation Context Menu

    Cleaner presentation mode context menu.


  • Figure Popup Inspector Tabs
    New advanced preference to customize the tabs that appear in the figure inspector popup window.
  • Project Backup
    New advanced preference so instead of Trashing old project backups they will be deleted instead.
  • Documented Quick Find URL Scheme
    Added documentation on how to use the curio://search URL scheme.
  • Documented All Variables
    The documentation now lists all of Curio's built-in variables such as {%ProjectTitle}.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Overrides
    You can now override or disable many of Curio's one-key keyboard shortcut overrides.
  • Project Gallery Add Categories Via Finder Tags Scope
    New advanced preference to restrict the scope of the Project Gallery's Add Categories Via Finder Tags command.
  • Project Gallery Tooltip
    Project gallery will now show project paths as each icon's tooltip.
  • Smarter Toolbar
    When launching Curio Pro on Macs with smaller screens, if the toolbar is not customized, then to avoid clipping off toolbar items Curio now defaults to using the traditional toolbar layout instead of the newer "unified" layout introduced in macOS Big Sur which requires a wider window for that toolbar style and the default Pro buttons.


  • Clear All Meta now drills down into group and collection figures to clear the contained figures' meta.
  • Fixed issue where the Search shelf didn't find text that was in variable replacements.
  • If you insert a markdown emoji from the markdown completion popup then Curio will enable markdown rendering for the figure automatically.
  • Smarter expansion of collapsed collection nodes when clicking on search results.
  • Now ignoring Apple Color Emoji when internally determining figure font info.
  • Dragging line labels on multi-point lines is now much more reliable.
  • Fixed issue where the Insert > Custom Variable menu wasn't getting filled correctly if you had a window with multiple project tabs.
  • Fixed markdown issue where the font being italicized or boldfaced was based on the font info of the first character in the text figure, not the info for the font right at the location of this specific markdown syntax.
  • Fixed crash when an RTF document is loaded into the Organizer which has enough content to make the content view scrollable.
  • Fixed sorting of Organizer titles so so George < George Blah, and George 2 < George 7 < George 25.
  • Fixed grid lines on Retina displays so they are drawn more precisely.
  • Fixed issue when editing figures with variables so they expand so you can see the entire content.
  • Fixed issue where Command-Option-Scrollwheel wasn't zooming in the gallery and other views sometimes.
  • Worked around a macOS bug that impacted Curio's collection views, like the Stencils shelf, where a Control-click wasn't being interpreted as a right-click so you wouldn't see the context menu.
  • Fixed issue where Option-clicking the Add toolbar button was inadvertently opening the secondary split view.


  • Purchases
    For Curio distributed via the Mac App Store, our subscription handling framework is now RevenueCat's Purchases 3.13.2 (up from 3.13.1).
  • Calendar/Reminders Sync
    Renamed a couple of old internal advanced preferences that controlled whether Curio stored the hyperlink to a figure in either the corresponding Reminder's internal URL field (confusingly not the new visible URL field) or the notes field. Curio requires that hyperlink in order to sync figures with Reminders tasks. Unfortunately since Apple broke allowing us to set the Reminder's internal URL field in macOS Big Sur, for now at least, we have to use the notes field to store our hyperlink. This was already fixed in the code but some customers were using the old overrides to bypass the fix.
  • Faster Idea Space Link Thumbnails
    The thumbnails used for idea space links are now much faster to render and cached for quick redrawing. The result is a huge speed-up in heavy users of idea space links such as Table of Contents collection figures.
  • Faster Quick Look Thumbnail Save
    When saving or autosaving, Curio is now much faster at saving the Quick Look thumbnail file for the first idea space in the project that is stored within the project's file package for faster macOS retrieval and thumbnailing.