Curio 20 Release Notes 📖

Release Date

December 30, 2021


Curio 20 runs on macOS Catalina 10.15 through macOS Monterey 12 on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags, like .

New Features

Text Figure Inline Tags and Resources

You can now use inline tags and resources within text figures, like #COP26, #GTD/active, and @GeorgeB. Behind the scenes those meta items will be associated or disassociated with the figure, with new meta created if necessary.


This is a more visible method to associate meta with your text content, instead of hidden meta properties set via the inspector. When you aren't editing the figure, clicking on an inline meta token will bring up Quick Find to instantly see other figures with the same meta.

You can toggle inline meta detection for a specific figure via a new # button on the text inspector bar and text inspector panel. You can globally disable automatic detection of inline meta via the Edit menu.

On a related note, Curio's separator between tag set and tag names is now a slash (ex: #GTD/active) instead of a period to better match popular editors such as Obsidian, Drafts, Bear, Notejoy, and Noteplan.

Curio will even automatically find nested tags for text pasted in from apps that don't support slash like Apple Notes and Agenda, automatically mapping #Apple-iPhone-Pro to Apple/iPhone-Pro, for example.


  • Updated Figure Meta Shortcuts
    New shortcuts to shift keyboard focus to the status bar (/), and toggle the display of the dates (d), tags (#), and percent complete (%) mini popovers.
  • Faster Text Figure Auto Completion
    You can now enter markdown emoji and custom variables into text figures just by typing the : or {{ prefix symbols, without having to type the first letter of the emoji or custom variable.
  • Markdown Intra-word Italics
    For intra-word italics use the asterisk not the underscore. Underscores for italics can only be used at the start and end of a word.
  • Export Markdown Use Defer
    New support for the Export Markdown Use Defer advanced preference so @defer instead of @start is used when exporting markdown for better compatibility with OmniFocus.
  • Markdown and Figure Styles
    New advanced preferences to control markdown rendering with figure styles.
  • Ruler Units
    You can now change the ruler units via the View menu.


  • Fixed a memory leak in Curio's new internal thumbnail and preview app extensions for .curio project files.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF exports where jumps within a PDF were off by one page if viewed with PDF Expert or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Fixed an issue with Status shelf not remembering expand/collapse state of task groupings when figures changed or after a relaunch.
  • Fixed potential crash when printing PDF figures.
  • Fixed showing last path information on the broken alias alert.
  • Fixed issue creating an idea graph by dragging a grouped figure on top of a normal figure.
  • Fixed crash when loading Quick Look previews for asset documents which are macOS package files.
  • Fixed issue with missing previews for idea space link figures when exporting or printing.
  • Fixed issue with missing USB webcams when using insert video recording.
  • Fixed issue where figures weren't inheriting resource percent complete if they were supposed to.
  • Fixed issue where markdown containing multiple links wasn't rendered correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Curio was ignoring the Page Setup scaling factor.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't drag journal entries out of the Trash or Archive and back into the Journal.
  • Fixed issue with Curio's Quick Look preview app extension tripping over some low-level AppKit text system internal memory issues due to threaded loading of multiple large projects.
  • Fixed issue with Curio's Quick Look thumbnail app extension where you could end up with no Finder thumbnail if the internal preview for the first idea space was a PDF.
  • macOS Monterey: Fixed hang issue when resolving paths for files located on non-standard iCloud Drive subfolder locations.
  • Fixed potential empty Status shelf issue due to threaded timing condition.
  • Fixed issue where editing a stencil displayed a black idea space background.


  • Faster Quick Look Thumbnail Queries
    Thanks to a new API from Apple, Curio is now using a much, much faster technique when querying for Quick Look thumbnails in the Project Gallery, Local Library, and Status shelf, which takes care of potential hang when dealing with hundreds of projects or files.
  • Faster Curio Quick Look Thumbnail App Extension
    Curio now stores a project's Quick Look thumbnail as QuickLook/Thumbnail.png within its internal project package hierarchy. That thumbnail image will either be a user-specified custom image set via the project inspector or the first idea space's preview. Curio's Quick Look app extension has been updated so it quickly checks out this location for the thumbnail, before falling back to the slower technique of opening the project and parsing through its asset data files. The result should be much faster Finder thumbnails for Curio projects, especially larger projects.
  • Sparkle
    For Curio distributed via our website, our app updating framework is now Sparkle 1.27.1 (up from 1.25).
  • Purchases
    For Curio distributed via the Mac App Store, our subscription handling framework is now RevenueCat's Purchases 3.13.1 (up from 3.10.4).