Curio 22 Release Notes 📖

Release Date

May 23, 2022


Curio 22 runs on macOS Catalina 10.15 through macOS Monterey 12 on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags, like .

New Features

Synced Figure Instances

You can now create copies of a figure where the text contents and all meta properties (checked state, percent complete, dates, tags, resources, priority, etc.) are synced between the original figure and all instances. This is an extraordinarily powerful feature that has been a frequent customer request.

Modify the original figure or any of the instances and those changes will be synced to all other figures. Some in the productivity space call this kind of functionality transclusion.

The figure styling is not synced and can therefore be different between all the instances so they can be used in lists, mind maps, or elsewhere with completely independent styling.

Check out the details in the documentation to learn more.


File-Backed Text Figures

Asset figures that reference text files can now be displayed as a text figure for editing directly within Curio. Copies of an asset figure will all render and modify the contents of the same shared asset text file. This has also been a frequent customer request.

The associated text file could be embedded within the project or aliased to an external file (perhaps even one in a cloud-synced folder with your iOS devices) so that changing that text file outside of Curio will cause all the text figures that use that file to dynamically update themselves.



Resample Image

Right-click on a jpg, png, or heic image figure to resample it with a new format, dimensions, and/or DPI resolution for faster loading and reduced project file sizes.



  • Smart Zoom
    Double-tap Smart Zoom (if enabled in your System Preferences) to zoom to the hovered over figure or point on the idea space is now enabled by default. Double-tap again to restore your zoom.
  • PDF Annotation Colors
    You can now customize the PDF annotation colors for highlighting, strikethrough, and underlining.
  • Index Card
    Index card collections now autosize by default.
  • Figure Selections
    Selected figures once again show a blue glow, although more subtle than earlier releases, and have slightly bigger resize handles.
  • Pasting from Word or Excel
    When pasting Word or Excel content into Curio will now grab the rich text content, not the PDF that's also on the clipboard.
  • Dragging from Local Library
    You can now toggle a Local Library Drag Embed advanced preference to make it so drags from the Local Library shelf come in as an alias by default, unless Option is pressed (the opposite of the default).
  • Local Library Import Text Files As File Backed Text Figures
    You can also make it so text files dragged in from the Local Library shelf come in as file-backed text figures.
  • Can Remove Category Associations Based On Finder Tags
    The Can Remove Category Associations Based On Finder Tags advanced preference is now off by default just to play it super-safe with Finder tags and project categories.


  • Fixed issue so that locally generated equation PDFs are now transparent instead of having a white background.
  • Fixed issue that prevented an idea space from loading correctly if it contained a broken idea space link figure pointing to an idea space that is no longer in the project.
  • Fixed issue with Curio forgetting custom project icons.
  • Fixed issue where the Status shelf lost its scroll position when items were refreshed.
  • Fixed error that may have prevented the project's internal Proxy Project.plist file from being written correctly, possibly resulting in out-of-date Status shelf info displayed for unloaded projects.
  • Tons of tweaks so inspector items aren't clipped when scrollbars are visible in the shelf.
  • Fixed a crash issue with Sleuth when customizing sites.