Curio 3.1 Release Notes

Release Date

March 29, 2006


Curio 3 runs on macOS Panther (10.3) or Tiger (10.4) on PowerPC Macs, Tiger (10.4) on Intel Macs.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with color-coded words like this [ProK12HomeBasic].

New Features

  • Curio is now a Universal application! We run natively on Intel Macs while still supporting PowerPC Macs running 10.3.9 on up!
  • New Hoisting feature! You can now select an idea space in the Organizer, hoist it via the Organizer menu or context menu, and you will be "rooted" to that idea space. Using hoisting you can concentrate on certain sections of your project without distractions.
  • By incredibly popular demand, we now highlight search text in all text and asset figures in the idea space!
  • New Distribute Horizontally and Vertically commands under the Arrange menu. Distributes the selected figures evenly between the left/top-most and right/bottom-most figures.
  • You can now set style information for the Boxed Note and Sticky Note text tools (found under the Text tool popup) via the Format > Set as Default Style menu.
  • You can now set which page should be displayed for a PDF image on the idea space.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't undo a move of a figure if the idea space had a set grid.
  • Fixed the scribble's selection marquee so it doesn't consume so much CPU, especially when Curio isn't the active application.
  • Fixed problem where setting a default text style overrode styles for Boxed Note and Sticky Note text styles.
  • Fix so just-opened projects don't sometimes think they've been edited.
  • Fixed problem where the presentation mode would become stuck if it encountered an empty idea space.
  • Fixed problem where printed or PDF versions of WebArchives result in a blank image.
  • Better handling of SearchKit index files so saving new projects or doing a Save As to another partition or drive works with no problems.