Curio 3.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date

April 18, 2006


Curio 3 runs on macOS Panther (10.3) or Tiger (10.4) on PowerPC Macs, Tiger (10.4) on Intel Macs.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the style information regarding the state of the underline attribute was incorrectly recorded so that text figures which used those styles, for example, Boxed Text and Sticky Text, might throw an exception if copy/pasted.
  • Fixed issue where users were sometimes unable to save new projects to a different volume (due to a SearchKit index weirdness). However, by making this fix a new limitation is that Curio can no longer search the contents of assets in an Untitled project. You have to save a project at least once.
  • To avoid confusion, the poof will only occur when deleting items, not when cutting items or simply moving items from a list.
  • Made a bunch of tweaks to lists contained within a grouped figure. For example, if you were to group a title text field with a list figure, that reuslting grouped figure now shows flags and adornments correctly, processes clicks on checkboxes more accurately, and allows you to resize the figures within the group.
  • Curio is now more compatible with remote control applications like VNC.
  • If you have an empty idea space displayed during presentation mode then clicking will now correctly advance to the next idea space.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur if WebArchiving certain pages, namely Wikipedia's homepage.
  • Fixed bug where a minimized project document window wasn't getting reactivated when you attempted to open the same project again.
  • Fixed crash which could occur if you select more than one PDF image and bring up the Extras figure Inspector.
  • Users can now override the default filename format for HTML exports. The format must contain two %@ placeholder tokens. The first is for the idea space name, the second is for a unique number to uniquely identify this file. For instance, to create Yahoo compatible filenames, which cannot contain parentheses, type this in Terminal:
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Export Filename Template" "%@ - %@"