Curio 3.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date

March 1, 2006


Curio 3 runs on macOS Panther (10.3) or Tiger (10.4).

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with color-coded words like this [ProK12HomeBasic].

New Features

  • [ProK12] In Curio's Preferences, you can now specify which monitor to present your presentation mode slideshow.
  • [ProK12] In Curio's Preferences, you can now specify that the minimum bounds of the idea space should be used when showing it in presentation mode (this is enabled by default). This allows for much nicer slides even if the idea space is very large but only has a few items on it.
  • [ProK12Home] If the Project Center can't find a project when clicked on, it will give the user the opportunity to locate it.
  • In Curio's Preferences, you can now enable or disable continuous spell checking.

Notable Fixes

  • [ProK12] When starting a presentation, it will be correctly sized to your screen if you modified your system screen settings since the last presentation.
  • [ProK12] When the presentation finishes, the last idea space displayed in the slideshow is automatically selected and displayed in the project window.
  • After double-clicking an iCal event stored in Curio we now make iCal the active application in addition to automatically selecting the event.
  • Fixed a general slowness problem which could occur if you dragged aliases to applications into a Curio project.
  • Fixed odd scribble selection and disappearing ink problems which could occur if the idea space was resized to a non-integral size. This could occur if sizing by pages.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur if deleting idea spaces from the Organizer.
  • Safety check added so if a zero or negative figure width or height is found then the figure will reset itself to its natural bounds.
  • Fixed bug which could occur if exporting a project to HTML including the dossier yet the dossier doesn't exist.
  • Fixed bug where if you tried to switch projects using the project center and answered "Don't Save" to the save changes dialog, nothing would happen.
  • Fixed bug where if you brought up a new project window via File > New Project, then tried to switch to a different project via the Project Center, it wouldn't do anything.
  • The URL field in the .Mac success dialog now resizes in height as well as width when you resize the dialog.
  • Idea space titles with foreign characters are now displayed correctly in the HTML export.
  • Fixed a problem where idea space assets (aka .ccsketchpad files) and pasted images (aka Image xxxxx.tiff files) had no group or other Unix permissions. We're now updating the permissions of all assets on startup and when created, to make sure they are all have the same read-write permissions as the asset library directory which contains them. This is also good news for networked environments.