Curio 22.1 Release Notes 📖

Release Date

May 27, 2022


Curio 22 runs on macOS 10.15 Catalina through macOS 12 Monterey on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or . Notes specific to the Mac App Store build of Curio will be marked with .


  • File-Backed Text Figures
    The markdown import alert now allows Pro customers to choose to add a dropped markdown file as a file-backed text figure directly. And it pre-selects your last choice in that alert to make it a faster process (without having to check Don't ask again).
  • Synced Figure Instances
    An instance can now be disconnected from its original figure.
  • Calendar and Status with Synced Figure Instances
    Calendar sync and the Status shelf now ignore synced figure instances, thus you only see the one entry for the original figure. You can change this via advanced preferences.


  • Fixed Mac App Store sandboxing issues with aliases to file-backed text figures and with aliases to images modified via Resample Image.
  • Fixed issue where Pro users might not see Show As Text Figure when right-clicking on an asset figure pointing to a markdown file.
  • Fixed issue where an orphaned synced figure instance was still showing a pink glow even after reloading the project.
  • Fixed issue where images were not being set to proportionally sized when first added into an idea space.
  • Fixed issue where applying a style to pinboard collections was hiding any contained connecting line figures.
  • 22.1.1: Fixed an issue related to the deteriorated rendering and slow dragging of images that have captions within their shape border.