Curio 19 Release Notes 📖

Release Date

October 22, 2021


Curio 19 runs on macOS Catalina 10.15 through macOS Monterey 12 on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags, like .

New Features

Status Bar

A new status bar (show/hide via View menu) with modular architecture has some handy new features!

It can display information when you hover the mouse over figures:


Or move or resize figures:

ArrangeResizeTo ArrangeResizeTo

Select a figure and you can edit its associated meta data such as percent complete, priority, rating, tags, custom data values, resources, and start and due dates and durations. You can also copy and paste these meta items which is a fast way to quickly associate meta data with multiple figures. More details in the docs.


More status bar modules will roll out in upcoming releases!

More New Features


Tag Set Visibility

If you have lots of global tag sets but only some are applicable to the current project, you can now easily hide them so they don't clutter up your tag choices.

TagsHidden TagsShowHidden TagsContext

Quick Find Autocomplete

Quick Find now supports autocomplete while typing tags (#active), custom data keys (#price>50), resources (@george), and reference types (^rebuttal).


Quick Find Readable Date Expressions

Quick Find now understands more readable date expressions such as due in 6 months and starts soon and due within 1 month. Lots of examples in the documentation.

Image Text Recognition Language

You can now specify the preferred language for image text recognition.

Note that on macOS 10.15 Catalina only English is recognized. On macOS 11 Big Sur and above English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish are recognized.


Importing/Pasting Markdown Checklists

Importing or pasting a markdown list now supports GitHub-style checklist prefixes.



Equation Alignment

On macOS 11 Big Sur and above you can now use an alignment control to specify the left, center, right alignment of equations. Centered is the default.


More Improvements

  • Faster Quick Find Auto Completion
    Quick Find auto completion now begins immediately when you type the prefix symbol, like #, @, or ^, instead of waiting for you to also type the first letter in that tag, resource, or reference type.
  • Figures Exported As Retina Images
    When exporting selected figures as images, Curio will now export as Retina (144 dpi) images when on a Retina Mac, although this can be overridden.
  • Markdown Inline Footnote Format
    Normally Curio outputs figure notes as markdown inline footnotes compatible with the popular MultiMarkdown renderer which is used in many apps: [^This is a note]. However, you can now ask Curio to use the Pandoc/Obsidian format instead: like ^[This is a note].
  • Master Markdown Inline Code Style
    The master markdown styles file now supports inline code style items. Specifically background-color and font-color may be useful.
  • Master Markdown List Item Style
    The master markdown styles file now supports a couple of items related to list items: line-spacing and paragraph-spacing-after.
  • Asset Figure Previews via Quick Look Thumbnails
    It looks like Apple quietly dropped support for QuickLook API (1, 2) access to QuickLook subfolders and thumbnail image files embedded inside package files, probably when they deprecated the old Quick Look architecture in macOS 10.15 Catalina. This is a shame since some file formats use that old subfolder trick in their package files instead of developing and maintaining Quick Look generators. So, in this release, for asset figures displayed as previews, Curio will now look directly for any embedded thumbnail files and use them, thus restoring previews for many potential file formats dragged into idea spaces. Only if that fails do we call the Quick Look API to retrieve the thumbnail for us using the installed Quick Look generators.
  • Idea Graphs Defaults
    You can now override more defaults for idea graphs including line type (straight, curved, orthogonal) and whether a midpoint is automatically added. On a related note, the Connected Dash Pattern advanced pref is now called Connected Line Dash Pattern to match the other prefs.


  • Refactored the Project Gallery to better handle hundreds of Curio projects without issue.
  • Fixed issue with holding Option (⌥) and dragging Evernote shelf items to create a link to the item.
  • Fixed issue with links not being rotated, in some cases, when exporting as PDF.
  • Fixed issue related to the cleanup of orphaned assets.
  • Fixed issue with quick zoom restoration to non-100% zooms.