Curio 19 Release Notes

Release Date

This beta release is still under construction as features are being added and refined.


Curio 19 runs on macOS 10.15 Catalina through macOS 12 Monterey on Apple silicon or Intel.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or . Notes specific to the Mac App Store build of Curio will be marked with .

New Features

  • Resize To Smallest/Largest Width

    New Arrange > Resize To menu items to resize selected figures to the smallest or largest selected width.



Tag Set Visibility

If you have lots of global tag sets but only some are applicable to the current project, you can now easily hide them so they don't clutter up your tag choices.

TagsHidden TagsShowHidden TagsContext

Quick Find Autocomplete

Quick Find now supports autocomplete while typing tags (#active), custom data keys (#price>50), resources (@george), and reference types (^rebuttal).


Quick Find Automatic Substitutions

Quick Find now understands more readable date expressions such as due in 6 months and starts soon and due within 1 month. Lots of examples in the documentation.

Importing/Pasting Markdown Lists

Importing or pasting a markdown list now supports GitHub-style checklist prefixes.



Equation Alignment

On macOS 11 Big Sur and above you can now use an alignment control to specify the left, center, right alignment of equations. Centered is the default.


More Improvements

  • Figures Exported As Retina Images
    When exporting selected figures as images, Curio will now export as Retina (144 dpi) images when on a Retina Mac. If you prefer non-Retina (72 dpi) images see Advanced Preferences.
  • Markdown Inline Footnote Format
    Normally Curio outputs figure notes as markdown inline footnotes compatible with the popular MultiMarkdown renderer which is used in many apps: [^This is a note]. However, you can now ask Curio to use the Pandoc/Obsidian format instead: like ^[This is a note]. Learn more in the docs.
  • Master Markdown Inline Code Style
    The master markdown styles file now supports inline code style items. Specifically background-color and font-color may be useful. Learn more in the docs.
  • Master Markdown List Item Style
    The master markdown styles file now supports a couple of items related to list items: line-spacing and paragraph-spacing-after. Learn more in the docs.


  • Fixed issue with holding Option and dragging Evernote shelf items to create a link to the item.