Curio 8.4 Release Notes

Release Date

March 13, 2013


Curio 8 runs on macOS Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8).

New Features

Finally added our #1 requested mind mapping feature.

Mind Map Relationship Lines

Curio now supports mind map relationship lines!

Simply select two nodes in your mind map, right-click, and then choose Add Relationship Line. (You can also click the Add Relationship Line button in the mind map popover to do the same thing.) This will create a line figure connecting the two figures together.

By default the line figure will be a red line pointing from the first selected figure to the second selected figure, indicating the relationship. This line will be set with a handy midpoint and have a curved line style so you can grab that midpoint and move it around to bend it any way you wish.

It's important to note that this relationship line is a real Curio line figure and thus supports all the normal line attributes such as labels, coloring, width, arrowheads, scaling, dash patterns, etc. Style it any way you wish using the Shape inspector. Add additional midpoints. Add one or more line labels. Make it curved, straight, or orthogonal.

Don't forget, the easiest and most accurate way to move a relationship line label is using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Hold Shift with the arrow keys to move in greater steps.

Very Handy Mind Map and List Drag and Drop Tweak

Normally if you drag-and-drop figures around within a list or mind map, the figures will keep their set styles and not adopt the style of wherever they're being dropped. This way you aren't surprised by Curio suddenly changing your carefully tweaked figure styles.

However, now if you press and hold the Shift key right before dropping the figures then they will adopt the style of the branch.

This should make it much easier to re-organize your mind maps and lists, adopting the styles where you want and keeping them as-is where you want.

Notable Tweaks

  • Curio now launches quite a bit faster thanks to optimizations made in several key areas discovered using Apple's Instruments developer application.
  • The Project inspector popover has a new Give Binder Appearance option in the actions menu for the project image. When you drag in a new image it will also temporarily cache that untouched image so you can easily test the Binder versus Journal appearances.
  • Notes added to the Curio Scrapbook via Services now display much better titles in the Library > Scrapbook shelf.
  • Fixed odd styling issues if dragging an item from a list directly to a node within a mind map.

Notable Fixes

  • Refactored code (again) to try to prevent the possibility of projects being opened more than once simultaneously due to the native OS X windows restoration code (NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows or TALLogoutSavesState).
  • Fixed occasional case where you could see a blank asset figure icon for newly inserted audio recordings (via the Insert > Audio Recording popover).
  • Slight tweaks to the MMAP exporter for better handling of figure notes.
  • Now confirming if you choose to Arrange > Distribute horizontally or vertically when it would mean a big change to the resulting idea space width or height. Plus added new max limits so we don't go too crazy.