Curio 8.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date

October 19, 2012


Curio 8 runs on macOS Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8).

Notable Tweaks

  • Major upgrade to Curio's PDF rendering so that PDF's and their embedded annotations are beautifully scalable when zoomed on screen, when exported as PDF, and when printed. However, this scalable rendering is only possible when the PDF figure has a standard rectangular shape. If you give the PDF figure a different shape, like a circle or hexagon, then we have to do custom clipping which requires that the PDF be rasterized which loses the scalability.
  • The Collections popup is now back in the Scrapbook shelf. Sorry about that!
  • The Kinds popup in the Library's Project tab now supports two new kinds: Idea Spaces and Organizer Documents. You can drag the resulting items to the Organizer to make duplicates of those Organizer items in your project.
  • Curio's QuickLook plugin has been modified so it can generate thumbnails previews of our internal .curioIdeaSpace items which comes in handy in the Project Library or when traipsing around a project's package contents with the Finder.
  • New "Reveal in Finder" button on the unable to remove CurioService alerts to help customers find the service from older Curio applications.

Robustness Tweaks

  • We now make sure a repository folder can't be the same as the projects folder as this can cause problems.
  • After loading a project we now do a robustness check of the project's sections hierarchy and automatically recover any orphaned or incorrectly referenced section assets.
  • The above-mentioned tweak where we can now show Idea Spaces in the Project Library means that you can easily recover inadvertently orphaned idea spaces.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a Curio project that contains other embedded Curio projects.
  • Fixed an issue when converting older Curio projects with filenames that contain international characters.
  • This international fix was also applied to other places internally where we create zipped archives.
  • Fixed issue where mailing an idea space of an untitled, new project would result in an invalid zip file.
  • The background thread that generates idea space previews will no longer generate the preview if a text figure is being edited as that can cause a rare crash on some systems.
  • Fixed issue when handling PNG images which could result in odd messages in Console.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed errors when pasting images in from Illustrator (due to old-school PICT images on the clipboard).
  • Fixed issues with bad favicons in Getting Started's "Helpful Sources" idea space.
  • Fixed issue in Meta inspector where you couldn't set a percent complete on an item that didn't have children, even if changes reflected to and from children was unchecked.
  • Curio now correctly handles situations where you delete an idea space that's currently being displayed in either the primary or secondary view.
  • Fixed issue where Curio wouldn't restore the selection to the last opened idea space if in a different section.
  • The border width slider now works correctly so that specified widths don't result in blurry edges.
  • HTML export no longer shows an odd entry with the title {curio_dossier_link}.
  • Fixed odd acceptance issues when changing the width and height of an idea space via the Dimensions inspector.
  • Fixed an issue where Curio didn't save PDF annotations made to a page if you go to another page while still in the same annotation session.
  • If you drag an Organizer Document to the content area of another idea space we'll now show an appropriate preview icon for that new link.