Curio 7.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date

May 2, 2011


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), or Lion (10.7) on PowerPC or Intel machines.

Notable Tweaks

  • Added new steppers next to the Style popups in both the Inspector Bar and the Style inspector so you can very quickly go through all your available styles.
  • The Organizer's Sections graphic now changes to indicate if you have more than a single section in your project.
  • Added new Organizer right-click context menu options to mail the currently selected idea spaces as a Curio project or as a PDF.
  • When colored labels are used with the Organizer items then we're now coloring the text titles, as well.
  • Renamed the Advanced Hierarchy Properties inspector to the Hierarchy Style Options inspector, which is hopefully a bit more clear.
  • The "Figures" toolbar button has added to the default Curio Standard toolbar so users can create new figures using a style.
  • Clicking on a note adornment will switch the Inspector to the Note inspector for that figure.
  • Organizer folders are now always displayed with an expand/collapse widget even if empty. If expanded then creating a new idea space will create a child instead of a sibling.
  • We're now building 64-bit Intel versions of the Spotlight and QuickLook plugins (in addition to 32-bit Intel and 32-bit PPC).
  • Tweaks for better OS X Lion (10.7) compatibility.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where on quit or project close, Curio might not ask if an untitled project should be saved before continuing.
  • Fixed the Window > Mini Mode menu item.
  • Fixed list bug where the list would resize to an extreme width if a grouped figure was dragged into it.
  • Fixed bug with split views not resizing when they should.
  • Added a couple of thrown exception checks in the scribble code in case we're unable to allocate enough memory.
  • You can now choose Edit > Copy As > Hyperlink when an idea space is selected in the the Organizer.
  • Fixes for Evernote crashes.
  • Fixed highlighting issues in the Project Center and Appearance preferences panels.
  • Fixed a hang when copying index card with notes associated with body text (or title text) items.
  • Fixed style issue where removing the text shadow wasn't working correctly.
  • Changed "Use as text shadow if figure unfilled" to just "Use as text shadow if unfilled" since it was getting clipped if the shelf was showing scrollbars.
  • A few Curio User Manual corrections and clarifications.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut tweak which should make it harder to inadvertently toggle off edge snapping and other settings.
  • When you press Spacebar and then press either Command (to zoom in when you click) or Option (to zoom out when you click) you no longer have to press the modifier key twice.
  • Fixed a bug when an all-day due-date-only event is moved in iCal so that the date updated in the corresponding Curio figure is correct.
  • Apparently MobileMe has issues writing to your iDisk if you login manually via Curio's displayed login dialog vs. it logging itself in via the MobileMe System Preferences and Curio simply accessing it via the Keychain. So, if we can't login via the System Preferences and Keychain then we ask you to give us permission to do so.