Curio 7.2 Release Notes

Release Date

December 23, 2010


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) on PowerPC or Intel machines.

New Features

Happy holidays!

More MMAP Support

Wow! When we added support for importing MMAP mind maps in Curio 7.1 we didn't know it was going to be such a huge it!

Turns out MMAP exporting is supported by most major iOS mind mappers including iThoughtsHD and MindMeister. So, you can begin a mind map while on the go with your iPhone or iPad, then export it as MMAP and send it to your Mac for importing into Curio. Pretty sweet!

So we made it even better! In addition to the already supported title and note properties, we now support importing these MMAP properties:

  • Flags — at least all the flags that match something that we have in Curio
  • Checkmarks
  • Percent Complete
  • Priority
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Duration

MMAP Exporting

But we didn't stop there... we added MMAP exporting!

You can now select a list or mind map and choose File > Export Selected Figures As > MMAP to instantly export your Curio collection as an MMAP file. All the properties listed above are supported during MMAP export.

So now you can start a mind map in Curio then continue working on it within most major Mac or iOS mind mapping applications.


Quick Backgrounder

In Curio, the shadow settings specified in the Shape Inspector are applied to the shape itself if the figure is filled and to the text within if the figure is unfilled. So, if you have a text figure and enable shape shadowing the text will be shadowed. If you then fill the text figure the text will no longer be shadowed, instead the shape itself will be. Similar products such as OmniGraffle and Keynote behave this way as well.

In Curio 7.0 we added the separate, independent shadow controls in the Text Inspector. This means you could create a filled text figure with a purple shadow defined via the Shape Inspector but the text itself could have an orange shadow as defined via the Text Inspector. Cool!

However, we still needed to support the shape shadow way of automatically shadowing unfilled text since we don't want to break anyone's existing styles or figures. Customers would also expect it to work that way since Curio, OmniGraffle, and Keynote have always worked that way.

The Problem

But, let's say you wanted to create a list level style where images and other filled items are shadowed but text figures are unshadowed. If you turn on shape shadows then all the figures including text figures would get shadows. Uh, oh.

The Solution!

So, in Curio 7.2 we've added a new "Use as text shadow if figure unfilled" checkbox to the Shape Inspector's shadow controls.

With the new checkbox you can turn off the automatic shadowing of unfilled text figures by the shape shadow. Instead they can only be shadowed via the Text Inspector's shadow controls added in Curio 7.0.

This setting is on by default so existing styles won't break. And, if unchecked, it is stored in newly created style definitions so they will magically work correctly if you share styles with others.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Selecting one or more figures and hitting the X key (Shift-x) will toggle checkbox visibility.
  • Selecting one or more figures with visible checkboxes and hitting the x key (just x) will toggle the checked value.

Expand/Collapse All

Option-clicking on an expand/collapse symbol in a list or mind map will perform that operation on the parent item and do the same to its children. This is different than simply clicking on the expand/collapse symbol which simply acts on the parent and leaves its children in their existing states.

Pressing Option-Spacebar will do the same recursive operation, whereas Spacebar simply acts on the parent.

Prior to Curio 7.2, if you wanted to see a Quick Look preview of an asset figure which also happened to be a parent in a tree you had to press Option-Spacebar. You now need to press Option-Shift-Spacebar to force that Quick Look operation since we need the Option-Spacebar shortcut for recursive expand/collapse. Note that you can still just press Spacebar to show a Quick Look preview for all other asset figures, such as child or standalone asset figures.


  • Changing a list, mind map, or table's style will no longer potentially hide all the checkboxes you have made visible. In other words, collection styles can no longer hide checkboxes.
  • Advanced preference if the rotate trackpad gesture keeps getting in your way:
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Disable Rotate Gesture" -bool yes

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed rare issue where creating new index cards resulted in a badly rendered figure with no body area.
  • Fixed bug when trying to mail a style or template from a Gallery window.
  • Fixed a bug with event titles when syncing collection items (lists, mind maps) with iCal.
  • Fixed CurioService so Save PDF to Curio Scrapbook works even if Curio is not running.
  • Fixed a rendering bug when an image which has been resized in Curio to something other than its natural size, then cropped outside of Curio.
  • Tweak for smarter automatic Postbox support.
  • Neatened up the line arrowhead drawing when using large line thicknesses so the arrowheads don't cross over the border into a snapped-to figure.
  • If you are editing a field in an inspector and alt-tab away from Curio then come back, we no longer reset that field.