Curio 6.4 Release Notes

Release Date

January 1, 2010


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) on PowerPC or Intel machines.

New Features

Curio 6.4 adds a few more features and fixes to Curio 6.

Attached Text Figures

If a text figure is selected or is being edited, then you can quickly create an attached figure — that is, a text figure with a sticky line attaching the current figure and the new figure — by simply holding down the Command key when clicking on the idea space background.

By default, the line connecting the current figure and the new figure will have an arrowhead pointing to the new figure. However, you can modify that with these additional keyboard modifiers:

  • If you press the Command+Shift keys then you will see a bi-directional arrow with an arrowhead pointing to the current figure and an arrowhead pointing to the new figure.
  • If you press the Command+Option keys then no arrowheads will appear and you will just see a solid line.

Smarter Task Syncing

Curio will now receive updates much more reliably from external clients that sync with iCal. That means apps like Appigo's Todo and similar iPhone task managers. The problem was that external sync sources don't update the iCal item's last modified date stamp so we didn't realize any changes had occurred, that date stamp is only updated if the change is made directly within iCal itself.

With this fix, while Curio has your project loaded, you can now use your external task manager to make changes to the tasks (edit the title, priority, etc) and mark them as complete or incomplete and those changes will immediately sync through iCal and then into Curio. Going the other direction still works as well: change the item in Curio, save the project, and it will sync to iCal then to your iPhone task tracking app.

In addition, when the project is first launched Curio will now see if there are any changes from iCal and update Curio's figure with iCal's updates. We can't rely on last modified dates for the items, as described above, so we just assume iCal has the latest info. This means changes made to tasks in an external task manager while Curio is not running will be correctly displayed in Curio next time you open the project.

Note, however, you should still remove tasks from within Curio first and those will then sync to iCal and then to the other external sync agents. Supporting the removal of tasks in an external source or from iCal and then syncing to Curio is too risky as the task may be a parent element from a list or mind map and then those child items would be auto-removed which may not be what you had intended.

List Tweaks

  • Bullets and numbering enumerators are now colored to match the level style's font, if appropriate.
  • If you're editing the title of the list and you press tab then you'll move to the first item in the list.
  • Conversely, if you're editing the first item in the list and press shift-tab you'll move to the title.

Other Features

  • Now showing full date and time information in the Asset inspector.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with sticky lines with midpoints wandering when adjoining figures are moved.
  • Fixed a problem where lists with 0 pixel margins were sometimes forced to have a margin on project reload.
  • Fixed bug where converting image figure to scribble (via the Edit menu) was flipping the image.
  • Fixed a nasty rare bug where certain subviews (Library, Shelf, Organizer) could be hidden and you are unable to make them visible.
  • Changing some table attributes is now more reliable and quicker.
  • When you delete the parent figure in a tree hierarchy (like a parent node in a list or mind map) then any assets associated with child figures are removed as necessary.
  • Tweak for Paste As > List so you can copy a list as text then paste it as a new list and titles are automatically set in place as appropriate.