Curio 5.4.2 Release Notes

Release Date

February 5, 2009


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!

Notable Features

  • Press Shift-Spacebar at any hierarchical level and all figures at that level throughout the mind map or list will toggle their expand/collapse state.
  • You can now convert between a list or mind map via the right-click context menu.
  • Improved options in the context menu when right-clicking multiple selected asset figures.
  • The Library now shows the asset filenames with their extensions so you can more easily tell the difference between several identically named files.
  • If you hover the mouse over an idea space in the Organizer, you are now told if it's marked as private or not and, if not, its idea space number which makes printing a selected range of idea spaces much easier.

Notable Fixes

  • If you drag a bunch of idea spaces from the Organizer of one project to the Organizer of the other, then any jump actions or anchors used within that set of idea spaces will remain intact and working in the new project.
  • We're now ignoring bogus x-msg URLs that come in when you drag selected text from a Mail message into an idea space.
  • The asset library now correctly handles cases where an asset was renamed but then the project was closed without saving, the asset is now reverted back to its original filename so it is not automatically removed upon re-opening the project.
  • Tweak so asset figures displayed as previews aren't quite so large by default.
  • Curio lists and mind maps are a bit smarter about making the previews of items smaller so they don't engulf the collection.
  • Fixed a bug when using the Delete key while editing list items.
  • Minor fix so you can't attempt to outdent the list title or mind map central figure.
  • You can now have a margin of 0 for a list figure.
  • We're now a bit smarter about which URL to associate with an image dragged in from the browser so you can more easily get back to where you found that image.
  • Fixed bug when trying to set the width or height of multiple selected objects in the Geometry inspector.
  • Fixed insertion point color so it is white when the background is dark.
  • Fixed bug when trying to resize the width or height of an object which contains an adornment within the shape bounds via the Geometry inspector.
  • Fixed bug when trying to resize the width or height of an object without a border which contains an adornment within the shape bounds via the resize handles. The fix also makes it so snapped edges line up better when dragging these figures around.
  • Fixed bug where trying to add a note to a brand new list item would not result in the appearance of the note adornment.
  • Pasting RTFD (like a selection coming from Pages) now works more reliably.
  • Fixed problem where pasting text into an idea space would sometimes result in an incorrectly sized text box.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on a Status item or jump target item wouldn't auto-expand a destination figure if it was collapsed in a list or mind map tree.
  • Now replacing any inserted variables for items displayed in the Status shelf, Project Center, and in iCal via iCal sync.