Curio 5.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date

January 12, 2009


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!

Evernote Shelf Features

  • Since Evernote 1.2 now allows premium users to add any file or document to a note, Curio's Evernote shelf has been updated to handle any type of file format and show the correct preview icons, etc.
  • If the Evernote note contains a document package file, such as a Keynote document for example, which was automatically zipped by the Evernote client, then Curio will automatically unzip the package so its icon can be easily recognized in the shelf, Quick Look can render it correctly if spacebar is pressed, and it can be dragged directly into an idea space.
  • The Evernote shelf now handles notes that contain multiple embedded files — including a mix of text, images, and other documents types — much more robustly.

Other New Features

  • You can now press spacebar in the Scrapbook and Flashlight shelf modules to see a QuickLook preview for the selected items, if possible.
  • In the Status shelf, if filtering by "Only This Project" then the idea space name containing the figure is displayed as the secondary line of status text for each item instead of the project's name (since they are all in the same project).

Notable Fixes

  • Copying as Text Outline then pasting as a list or mind map is now more robust.
  • Fixed problem with invalid clipboard data when you copy selected figures as PNG or JPG.
  • Flashlight is now searching for Photoshop files based on the psd extension instead of by kind since they support tons of different kinds that all start with the words "Adobe Photoshop".