Curio 4.0.3 Release Notes

Release Date

August 31, 2007


Curio 4 runs on macOS Tiger (10.4) on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

Special Note

Curio Standard is the new name for Curio Home - same functionality but with a new, more appropriate name.

Notable Features

  • Now you can archive web pages directly into Snippets with a click of a button. First you must install a simple script in the form of a bookmark in your web browser. After running Curio 4.0.3 at least one time, drag this link directly to your bookmark bar. When you release the mouse you can give it a name such as "Copy to Curio". When you next surf to a web page you wish to archive in Curio, click the newly created bookmark and a WebArchive will be generated and placed into your Snippets library (marked in Curio's Inspector drawer with a pair of scissors). You can then drag that archive into any idea space.
  • Flashlight now supports searching for Curio project files.
  • Added support for dragging and dropping text into the Snippets shelf directly.
  • Dragging Address Book entries into a Curio idea space now includes the contact name, company name, title, and email address.
  • defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Contact Name" -bool YES
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Contact Company" -bool YES
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Contact Title" -bool YES
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Contact Email" -bool YES
  • Copying Mail entries (sadly Mail doesn't support drag and dropping outside of itself) and pasting them into a Curio idea space now includes the message subject, sender, and date. You can control these options with these hidden preferences:
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Mail Subject" -bool YES
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Mail From" -bool YES
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Include Mail Date" -bool YES
  • Curio now includes the Sample Gallery in its application bundle, easily accessible via the Welcome to Curio intro window and via Help > Open Sample Gallery.

Notable Fixes

  • Much improved automatic layout algorithm for mind maps which takes into account possible connecting lines overlapping with figures in the mind map. Spacing between items has also been greatly improved.
  • Editing mind maps and lists is now much, much faster due to an optimized redrawing mechanism.
  • A modification to the list and mind map style system was made so it is now much more robust and easier to manage. Existing user-defined styles will be automatically updated. However, any existing figures which use those styles, while they may look as they should, won't realize they are associated with those styles until you re-select the style from the inspector popup. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed problem searching using start date or due date criteria.
  • When zooming into an idea space, or going into presentation mode, PDFs and other graphics are re-rendered so they are as sharp as possible.
  • When an update to Curio is available, it will download the appropriate edition directly instead of making you find it off the main Curio webpage.
  • Curio should open projects a bit faster now since images and movies are now only loaded if the idea space displayed them is opened, this will also help with memory usage. Likewise, mind map and list layouts are refreshed only when the parent idea space is opened, not just when the project is loaded.
  • Fixed bug in the Organizer trying to indent or outdent multiple idea spaces at once.
  • Fixed odd white line on the right or bottom that could sometimes appear during Presentation Mode.
  • Idea space grid inspector has been modified so you can enter spacing values directly or via a stepper instead of a slider (which was too coarse).
  • Fixed subtle vertical alignment problems with list enumerators.
  • You can no longer make an idea space less than 1 pixel tall or wide.
  • Fixed exception thrown when using arrow keys in some situations with mind maps.
  • If the idea space fits completely within the view we no longer autohide the scrollbars since you couldn't then change the zoom factor via the window frame popup.
  • Fixed a bug with adding text-based snippets while the Snippet shelf was visible in a project window.
  • Fixed Appearance Preference window so the color well is updated as the color is changed, and clicking to the right of the color well no longer shifts the entire listbox to the right.
  • Fixed the Asset Inspector so it ignores selected text figures.
  • Fixed problem with some pasted images from Illustrator not re-appearing when the project is re-opened.
  • When propogating checks and completion percentages up to parent list items or mind map items, a child figure is included in the total if either its checkmark is showing OR the completion percentage of the child is greater than zero. So you can now create "note" items, turn off the checkmark and they are ignored in the totals computed for the parent items.
  • Fixed problem where saved searches with tags or resources were not restored correctly after the Cancel Search button was pressed.