Curio 4.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date

July 5, 2007


Curio 4 runs on macOS Tiger (10.4) on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

Notable Features

  • Sticky lines can now stick to a figure within a list or mind map.
  • When inserting an OPML file you can now convert it directly into a mind map or a list.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed bug where lines and other extraneous figures would sometimes appear in the results when searching for text.
  • Fixed bug where Curio Home couldn't see Snippets correctly.
  • Fixed bug where undoing the deletion of a list or mind map resulted in a broken collection.
  • Fixed spinning beachball problem if some items in a collection have a due date but no start date.
  • Fixed bug drag-and-dropping a figure from outside of Curio directly into the empty area within a list or mind map.
  • If a figure is selected in a mind map or list, and you create another item (a child or sibling) the new figure no longer inherits the previously selected figure's percent complete, resources, start/due date, and duration.
  • Fixed bug when pasting onto the root figure of a mind map.
  • Fixed bug related to rearranging mind map items through drag-and-drop.
  • Fixed bug when double-clicking the Visible tag set checkbox in the Tags Preferences window.
  • Fixed bug when double-clicking the checkbox in the Tags panel in the Search shelf.
  • Fixed bug where empty tag sets were shown with a "mixed" checked state in the Tags panel in the Search shelf.
  • Fixed bug where the Show Library and Show Organizer custom toolbar buttons weren't toggling their images correctly.
  • Inserting OPML as a list is now as much as 5x faster.
  • Showing or hiding checkboxes or ratings via the figure context menu only changes the selected list items, not all the list items (unless the list itself is selected).
  • Fixed bug where loading text figures without an associated font attribute could make the entire idea space not load correctly.
  • Fixed bug where line arrowheads were not deallocating correctly which could cause a crash or thrown exception.
  • Fixed a bug where Format > Set as Default Style wasn't overriding the session default style. Now it does.
  • Collecting figures into a collection will now ignore any selected lines so they don't interfere with the resulting list or mind map layout.
  • Printing and RTF exporting your dossier now work correctly and will now use the correct font styles.
  • Fixed minor proportional sizing bug in the figure layout Inspector.
  • Fixed problem "saving as" to the same file name as the original.
  • Fixed problem converting a selected scribble region to an image figure.
  • Fixed it so you can no longer choose Open With if a LinkBack object is selected (since that doesn't make sense since it's inline application-specific data).
  • File > Revert now works correctly.
  • Fixed a Leopard-related link issue (now linking to libcrypto instead of libcrypto0.9 specifically).
  • Updated the Curio Help user manual so it includes minor clarifications plus a clickable table of contents and a bookmarks view.