Curio 4.2 Release Notes

Release Date

January 9, 2008


Curio 4 runs on OS X Tiger (10.4) on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

New Features

Audio and Video Recording

You can now take audio and video notes using our new integrated recorder!

Choose Insert > Recording > Audio Recording or Insert > Recording > Video Recording to insert a recording item into your current idea space. A placeholder audio or video asset figure will be placed into your idea space, and the recording window will automatically appear giving you a chance to check levels and input settings. If everything looks good, then click the record button to begin. When you're done, click the record button again to stop the recording.

Manual Mind Map Branch Placement

Branch children of the central topic in a mind map can now be manually positioned.

Simply drag the figure so the red target shows up as you drag. When you release the mouse, the figure will be placed at that drop location. Note that dragging a figure to the left or right side of the root will automatically flip children so they spread out towards the left or right, as appropriate.

If you want to position it automatically again then you need to drag it over the top or bottom portion of an existing figure, such that you see the red insertion line, so it will be re-inserted as a sibling of that item. Then Curio will, once again, be in charge of its positioning. You can also simply click the Reset Layout button in the mind map inspector to make it so all mind map figures are automatically positioned.

New Leopard Features

Smarter Resource Handling

We made some changes to how assigned resources are used within Curio.

  1. 'From Resources' Checkbox
    Curio now supports a new 'From Resources' checkbox next to the percent complete edit field in the Flags Inspector panel. If checked, the percent complete value will be computed via any assigned resources, otherwise the user can enter a specific value essentially overriding any resource percentages.
  2. Inherited Resources
    Parent figures will now automatically inherit all resources assigned to dependent child figures. So, clicking on a top-level figure and checking out its resources in the Inspector will show you exactly which resources are used by any of its dependent child figures and each of their overall completion percentages, recursively.

Other Features

Notable Fixes