Curio 14.4 Release Notes

Release Date

November 12, 2020


Curio 14 runs on macOS Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), or Big Sur (11.0) on Intel or Apple silicon.

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or . Notes specific to the Mac App Store build of Curio will be marked with .

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur Support

Curio 14 has been updated to support macOS Big Sur with some awesome new features!

👉 The following features are only supported when running Curio on macOS Big Sur!

Equation Editor

Curio's equation editor now supports local PDF generation of the MathJax-rendered equations on macOS Big Sur instead of round-tripping up to Zengobi's server to generate the final PDF.

This means you instantly see your rendered equation as a PDF image figure! ⚡️

For you equation über-users out there this is a huge productivity boost as elaborate or complex equations that can take several seconds to PDF render via our server can now be rendered instantly on your machine.

Grab Web Archive

On macOS Big Sur, you can now right-click on a web link figure and archive the site as either a paginated PDF, a single large PDF image, or a web archive file.

For example, here's a screenshot of an URL and its three possible results (paginated PDF, large PDF image, web archive file):

Organizer Web View Find Bar Support

When viewing a web page located in the Organizer, Curio is now able to support a Find Bar (via ⌘F) to search for text within that web page.

New App Icon

When first launched on macOS Big Sur, Curio will tweak its familiar app icon to abide by macOS Big Sur's superellipse "squircle" shape guidelines, matching the look of Apple's bundled macOS Big Sur app icons.

Window Toolbar Style

On macOS Big Sur you can now change the window toolbar style between the standard and new unified looks via the View > Use Unified Toolbar Style menu item.

Notice that the unified style works best if you either have a wide screen or few toolbar buttons, since the window title and the buttons are all on the same horizontal level.

Standard Style

Unified Style

The macOS Big Sur unified style right-aligns all toolbar buttons and collapses any flexible space toolbar items. However, you can use normal space toolbar items if you'd like to customize your toolbar layout to insert small gaps between groupings.


  • The coloring for the Masters Organizer is now more compatible with macOS Big Sur coloring.
  • Fixed macOS Big Sur issue with trial indicator at top of window interfering with the shelf toolbar buttons.
  • Curio's Preferences window is now using the new macOS Big Sur preferences window style.
  • Several alerts have been updated so they use macOS Big Sur's new hasDestructiveAction button style which uses red text for destructive options, like deleting an idea space.
  • Fixed issue where the shelf toolbar items weren't available unless you reset your customized toolbar.
  • Curio is now overriding expand/collapsible group row background coloring so the Search shelf's results and Status shelf's tasks are easier to read with distinct group background coloring, for better visibility on macOS Big Sur.
  • Fixed issue where checkboxes in the Meta inspector's tags list were getting clipped.
  • Fixed issue where column headings in the Project inspector's References table and Figure Meta inspector's Resources were getting clipped.
  • Support for macOS Big Sur automatic document icon generation for .curio files.
  • Now building with Xcode 12 (and the macOS Big Sur SDK) which generated some new compilation warnings which have been addressed.

Apple Silicon

Curio now runs natively on Apple's new generation of Macs powered by Apple's amazing M1 chip! 🚀

We're using the latest Xcode 12.2 release to build Curio as a universal binary: a single app with support for both Intel and Apple silicon architectures.

As a native app, this means it's not running under the macOS Big Sur Rosetta translation environment (aka emulation) on Apple silicon Macs, which could have performance and/or compatibility issues.


  • Copy As > Jump Target

    You've been able to use the normal Edit > Copy menu to copy a figure or idea space, which also conveniently places a jump target to that item on the clipboard. This, in turn, can be used with Paste As > Jump Action for Selected Figure, Paste As > Jump Anchor, or Add Reference.

    However, if you're actively editing a text figure or annotating a PDF then Curio's Copy handler is not called as the NSTextView or PDFView that has focus handles it instead.

    So now we have a new Copy As > Jump Target menu item you can use that will always be handled by Curio to copy a jump target even when editing or annotating.

    And, if you then choose Edit > Paste, a text figure will be created with the selected text and a jump action to the target destination will be added to that figure, all automatically! A super fast way of creating direct links into a long PDF you may be reading within Curio.

  • Markdown Header Syntax
    Curio now requires a space after the # characters for a markdown header:
    # This will render as a heading
    #This will not
    A detailed discussion about this change is here. We have an override although this would prevent you from using new #-related features we add in the future.
  • PDF Export Meta
    Within the PDF Export dialog you can now specify PDF document meta information, which is encoded into the resulting PDF, and remembered in app preferences as defaults.


  • Fixed an issue where the active split view detection wasn't working properly correctly when one of the split views was filled with an Organizer document such as a PDFView.
  • Fixed the View > Switch To > Switch Between Primary and Secondary menu item so it works with Organizer documents in a split view.
  • Fixed issue with blurry figure selection handles on non-Retina displays.
  • Fixed issue with a stuck disabled checkbox in the permissions area of the Info inspector.
  • Fixed issue with Status tasks not storing expand/collapse state of items when changing query popups.
  • Fixed or at least worked around around a rare hang caused by a Catalina NSDocumentController bug.