Curio 14.1 Release Notes

Release Date

June 19, 2020


Curio 14 runs on macOS Mojave (10.14) or Catalina (10.15).

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or . Notes specific to the Mac App Store build of Curio will be marked with .


Copy As Hyperlink can now encode deeper link information about the selected figure. Specifically:

  • If you've selected a range of text in a text figure, or
  • If you've selected a range of text on a page in a PDF figure, or
  • If you're playing back a video or audio figure on the idea space,

... then when you choose Copy As Hyperlink, the link will include those specific details.

Clicking the resulting hyperlink, whether it's in Curio or another application, will tell Curio to jump to that project, that idea space, and that figure, then set the selection of that text figure or PDF figure, or start playing back the media at that location.


Hyperlinks created using our AppleScript interface, like for our integration with Hook, will automatically pick up these deeper link details if the selected figure is being edited or played.

Retina Images During HTML Export

During HTML export on Retina systems, the resulting images are now 144 dpi Retina instead of 72 dpi, which results in much sharper images!

The image tags in the bundled HTML export templates include width and height properties so images are rendered in browsers with correct sizes on Retina or non-Retina systems.

You can force non-Retina HTML exports if you wish.

Optional Pixelated Rendering

Curio now supports a preference override which you can set to pixelated so you can tell the browser to not smooth idea space images.

This is especially useful for non-Retina exports. Turns out browsers automatically smooth resized images, including when scaling up non-Retina images to Retina pixels, which tends to subtly blur these images. If the image contains text, like an idea space image export, then the resulting smoothed image can make the text look a bit blurry.

The solution is to set a CSS image-rendering property to pixelated in our HTML export templates which tells the browser to display the image as-is and not apply any smoothing.

Retina Images During Image Export

Like our HTML exports, during image export on Retina systems, the resulting images are now 144 dpi Retina instead of 72 dpi, which results in much sharper images!

Image viewers that support the embedded dpi, like Apple's Preview app for example, will display these correctly regardless of system.

You can force non-Retina image exports if you wish. You may need to do this if your image viewer doesn't support embedded dpi values and instead displays a double-sized image.


  • Idea Space Dimensions
    If idea space dimensions are set to auto expand by points, they will now increase by 100 points by default (previously it was 20). This is the same as the Insert > Space menu items and can be customized.
  • Insert Space and Collections
    If an item is selected within a collection figure, like a mind map node in a mind map, then Insert > Space will now increase the space between the collection figure itself and neighboring figures. (Previously this would do nothing since you can't insert space within a collection, but we thought this new option would be more useful).
  • Orthogonal Lines
    Significant improvements were made when drawing orthogonal lines so turns are more logical.
  • Hook URL's
    Nicer link text when adding a Hook URL as a reference or when pasting a Hook URL onto an idea space.
  • HEIC Image Previews
    Curio now always generates much faster previews for HEIC images dragged into idea spaces since they are so slow to load and render natively.


  • To work around a Catalina-iCloud hanging issue, if the Curio project is on an iCloud-synced folder, then during quit instead of moving assets marked for deletion to the Finder Trash, Curio will simply remove them.
  • Fixed issue where some idea spaces may have been erroneously marked as needing an updated preview.
  • Fixed issue where some internal asset .data files were unnecessarily refreshing their stored data, potentially causing a cloud sync of essentially unchanged files.
  • During quit, Curio will no longer spend time generating previews for idea space assets that are marked for deletion in the Organizer Trash.
  • Auto-spacing of figures only kicks in when you resize figures, not when you move figures, as per the spec.
  • Fix to master template collection style propagation so that styles associated with all hierarchical levels, even those not currently displayed in the master's collection, are propagated to all instances of that collection.
  • Fixed markdown issue so that markdown within an inline code block (such as: This is a test of a `one_item and two_item` within the inline code block.) is ignored and instead rendered-as is.
  • Fixed a rare crash if waking from sleep and the Library shelf is visible and searching a transient or unavailable folder, like an iCloud folder.
  • When creating asset figures, Curio now recognizes uppercase media file extensions (like MP3) instead of just lowercase (like mp3).
  • Safety check when Calendar syncing to avoid potential crash if bad or invalid item title.
  • When applying master to instances the auto-spacing algorithm is temporarily turned off so figures aren't moved about.
  • Fixed an issue where the {%IdeaspaceTitle%} variable may sometimes report the date instead of the title.
  • Fixed error that could occur if Curio is unable to find a project referenced by a hyperlink or jump target.
  • Fixed issue where autospacing in a default style could result in misplaced figures on figure creation.
  • When you reset a default figure style via the Format menu the selected figure gets the reset default styling.
  • Tweaks to hopefully fix a rare Catalina issue where the text insertion point sometimes disappears.
  • If rulers are visible, the idea space content area no longer jumps when switching between idea spaces.
  • Local Library now ignores dtBase2 extensions.
  • Tweak to the Simple journal template.