Curio 13.1 Release Notes

Release Date

May 22, 2019


Curio 13 runs on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or Mojave (10.14).

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or .


Layers Context Menu

When using layers, right-click on an idea space and any layers with figures directly under that click point will be listed so you can easily switch to a figure's layer. If no figures are under that point then all layers are listed for you to choose from.

Continuity Camera

Take and import pictures from your iOS device directly into Curio via the Insert menu item thanks to macOS Mojave Continuity Camera support.

Index Card Autosize

Index cards have a new feature: automatic resize to fit contents. This can be enabled in the inspector and is included with a figure's style if you save a personal style. You can also enable this by default globally.

New Line Arrowheads

A bunch of new arrowheads have been added, perfect for geeky entity relationship and crow's foot notation diagrams!

As visible in the screenshot, we've added arrowheads for:

  • One and only one.
  • Zero or one.
  • Many.
  • One or many.
  • Zero or many.

(Curio already had the "one" relationship symbol which is just a single crossline.)


  • PDF Figures
    If a PDF figure is selected or is being edited you can now press ⌥ Page Up or ⌥ Page Down to go to the previous or next page.
  • Sleuth
    Added Creative Commons image search to Sleuth's image search sites, although they seem to be having server issues as their service comes out of beta so be patient while they get it going.
  • Figures
    Figures now support negative origins which means you can now drag or move figures left or above the idea space, thus clipping them when printing, presenting, or exporting. This follows Keynote's standard behavior. You can re-enable the previous limitation if you want to be prevented from dragging or moving figures too far left or above the top of the idea space.


  • Fixed problem with no lines on index cards in the style previews.
  • The spacing of index card body lines is now more accurate, fixing several bundled card styles.
  • Added numerous error message and checks if there was any problem saving anything within Curio.
  • Fixed mind map boundary issue so that adjacent boundary regions don't overlap.
  • Fixed issue with mind map sibling sorting.

Slipstreamed Releases

Curio 13.1.1 (13011.4)

  • Markdown bulleted lists now alternate between solid and hollow bullets based on hierarchical level.
  • Now supporting the Connected Line Width advanced preference.
  • New Idea Space With Current Style is back in the Organizer context menu.
  • Fixed issue with choosing references from Organizer context menu that jump to a different project.
  • Fixed regex for markdown link detection so it doesn't hang on expressions like [x][y].
  • Restored several line drawing tweaks so users on non-Retina screens see sharp looking line figures again.
  • Fixed issue where creating idea graphs (by dragging one figure on another while holding Command down) on a gridded idea space wasn't returning the dragged figure back to its original location correctly.
  • Minor tweak so if you double-click on the idea space background and accidentally drag just a smidge Curio will now create a normal text figure, instead of a uselessly narrow text figure.
  • Fixed subtle text blurring when editing a text figure at less than 100% scaling.
  • Fixed issue with launching AppleScript that contains diacritical marks.
  • Streamlined the initial setup process a tad when first associating a script with a figure.
  • You can now sort list or mind map children even if dates are being computed (aka automatic). After sorting the dates will simply be updated automatically based on the new ordering.