Curio 12.2 Release Notes

Release Date

July 9, 2018


Curio 12 runs on macOS Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), or Catalina (10.15).

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or .



Inline Lists

Curio text figures now support inline markdown lists!

Here's an example:

### Markdown text figures can now contain lists! #### Simple - Flight tickets - Are we on Southwest this time? - Hotel confirmation number - `83729293` - Don’t forget *passports*! #### A Mixed List 1. Pack bags 1. Get new swimsuit 1. Sunscreen 1. Reserve rental car * Ask Dan for suggestions * Get a convertible! 1. Put newspaper and mail on hold. Note the mix of **markdown rich text** and actual attributed rich text.

Turns into this:

  • Notice that within the same list you can have a mix of numbered or bulleted hierarchical levels!
  • The list bullets and numbers are styled based on the font attributes common to the entire list. So if the whole list is blue, 18 point then the bullets will be, too. If nothing common then the default size is 12 point and the default color is black.
  • You can wrap lines of text for your list items as long as no whitespace preceeds the wrapped text, like this:

    - This item is wrapped to the next line. - Here's another line.

  • List items can't contain multiple paragraphs.


  • When fixing a broken alias or jump to file the dialog box that Curio presents will allow you to explore all files and not just those with the same extension as the original. Useful if you had an OmniOutliner Test.oo3 file and it was converted into a newer Test.ooutline format.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect positioning of the PDF tooltip note squares during export. However, the known Apple bug regarding the fixed 40x40 pixel size of these icons is still an issue we can't work around.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a master stencil wouldn't update master idea spaces which use that master stencil.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Idea Spaces and Stencils tabs in the masters controller wouldn't refresh the content area sometimes.

Slipstreamed Releases

Version 12.2.1 (12021.0)

  • Fixed an alignment issue with inline markdown list numbers.

Version 12.2.2 (12022.5)

  • Fixed paste as list/mindmap so lines containing periods are correctly parsed.
  • Fixed brush cycling when B is pressed.
  • Fixed Info.plist for Calendar/Reminder access on Mojave. On a related note, Apple finally fixed their bidirectional syncing issue in EventKit in macOS 10.14.4 Beta 3.
  • Fixed odd drawing artifacts when working with unbordered collection figures.
  • Fixed an odd timing issue where, in some cases, deleted assets were left as orphaned assets within the project package when quitting Curio instead of going to the Finder Trash. While this fixes things going forward, previously deleted but abandoned orphans may remain in the project. They can be viewed via Library > Project's Unused (Orphaned) Assets scope and deleted manually using the Delete key.

Version 12.2.3 (12023.1)

  • Notarized for Catalina's Gatekeeper. (However, note that Curio 13 is notarized and compiled with hardened runtime entitlements which is even more secure.)
  • Fixed splitter bar collapsing issues to accommodate changes Apple made to Catalina's interface framework.

Version 12.2.3 (12023.2)

  • Fixed a macOS Catalina issue which can cause a hang when opening or closing projects stored on an iCloud Drive-synced folder.
  • Fixed a macOS Catalina issue which can cause a crash when selecting dozens of figures on an idea space.