Curio 11.4 Release Notes

Release Date

August 4, 2017


Curio 11 runs on macOS Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11), or Sierra (10.12).

Feature Availability

Features only available in certain editions will be listed with colored tags like or .


iThoughts Attachment Support


Curio now supports importing images and other attachments found in iThoughts mind map files when you drag an itmz file into your Curio idea space.


Plus when you share your Curio mind map as an iThoughts file, Curio will now export any figure attachments, as well.

Disable Inherit Resources

Normally for hierarchical items in a list or mind map, parent nodes automatically inherit its children's resources. Now, however, you can use the Resources inspector turn off that automatic inheritance so that you can manually assign resources to a parent node.

If you wish this to be the new default you can use the new Resources Technique advanced setting, where 1 indicates manual setting instead of automatic.


Note that if you assign resources to a parent those resources and respective percent complete values are not distributed down to the child nodes. Allowing a complex mix of inherit from children, distribute to children, and manually specified within the same hierarchy introduces a number of potential conflicts so that situation is not supported.

Visible Resource Adornment

By default if a figure's resources are determined automatically via inheritance then Curio does not display a resource adornment for that figure. Thus a parent node that inherits its children's resources will not have a resource adornment, while its children will have adornments since their resources can be modified. However, you can customize this via the new Figure Show Resources Adornment If Inherited advanced setting.

Variables in Idea Space Titles

You can now use variables in the titles of your master and personal idea space templates. Then, when you add a new idea space using the template, the variables are filled-in and the resulting text becomes the title of the idea space.


This variable filling only happens when the idea space is first added to the project and won't change afterwards. For example, if you use the {%SectionTitle} variable it will be filled-in when the idea space is first added to a section but will not be updated if the section is renamed or the idea space is moved to another section.

Custom Date Formatting

The date-related variables in Curio generally look like {%IdeaSpaceDateAddedShort} or {%IdeaSpaceDateAddedMedium}. These suffixes such as Short, Medium, Long, and Full correspond to the styles specified in System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced > Dates.

However, sometimes you want custom formatting, like just the day and the date ("June 12") for a daily diary template.

You can now remove the style suffix and add a custom formatting directive like this: {%IdeaSpaceDateAdded/MMMM d}.

Please visit this incredibly helpful site for help in producing these custom formats.

Better Support for Older Projects


Curio 11's QuickLook plugin now supports the generation of thumbnails and previews for older project formats, going back to Curio 8 on up. Previously the plugin would only work with Curio 11's new project file format.

The code is also using a newer technique which is much faster than the previous technique, especially for larger projects.

Project Open

If opening a Curio 8, 9, or 10 project, Curio 11 now gives you the option to view it in a read-only state instead of requiring the upgrade to Curio 11's new file format.

Prefix Synced Tasks with Collection Name

You can now optionally choose to prefix any synced tasks with the containing collection name. This can be in addition to the optional project name prefix.


  • Convert Index Card to List or Mind Map
    You can now select an index card figure and choose Arrange > Convert Into > List (or Mind Map).
  • ⌃⏎ Whitespace Removal
    As before, when editing a list or mind map if you press ⌃⏎ it will split the text at the current cursor position and make new sibling. Now when making the new sibling it will remove any whitespace (spaces or returns) from the start of that new item. This makes splitting lots of text blocks very fast with no post-split manual cleanup.
  • Percent Complete Variable
    Curio now supports a {%FigurePercentComplete} figure variable:
  • Group / Ungroup
    Changed Group / Ungroup so they have the same shortcuts as Keynote.
  • Improved Retina Previews
    Use the Preview JPEG Output Retina advanced setting if you want the previews generated by Curio for each idea space to be retina (144 DPI) images. Prior to this build they were just double-size, now they're actually marked as 144 DPI and look super-sharp. These are used by the Quick Look plugin when viewing a Curio project in the Finder. Note that while the resulting jpg preview files will look nicer on your screen, they will also consume more disk space. By default, Curio generates standard resolution preview images because these are good enough for previews and save quite a bit of disk space.
  • Prevent Dragged Figure from Dropping into Collection
    In Curio 11.3 we added a new feature where if Option was held before release during a drag operation, then the dropped item would not go into a hovered-over collection (instead it would go on top of the collection). However, this interferes with the popular Option-drag mechanism to copy figures so the functionality has been removed.

Robustness Fixes

  • Fixed odd issue with untitled projects where the first time you click on the title area of the title bar, Apple's documents framework was removing the project's temporary project file, breaking any embedded assets. The fix is to detect a click on the title area and force the standard Save sheet which gets around the framework issue.
  • Fixed calendar sync issue where events prior to 1 year ago or more than 3 years ago were not being synced correctly (and instead replicating repeatedly!) due to an optimization in Apple's EventKit. For those items Curio is now manually finding them individually.
  • Now ignoring any of Dropbox's conflicted copy files that might appear within the Curio project file package hierarchy due to a conflicted sync.
  • Fixed rare issue where Organizer may not open.
  • Fixed issue where previews in the style inspector could be broken idea space link images.
  • Improved LinkBack error handling.
  • Fixed threading issue with calendar sync.

Other Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issue with tiled idea space background images and opacity.
  • Fixed issue where the tab key wasn't jumping between table cells when editing.
  • Fixed lack of formatting issue with paste as list, mind map, and table.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the splitter bar button from collapsing on Yosemite.
  • Fixed asset link issues so they work correctly in PDF Mirror generated output.
  • Build 11041.0 includes a fix for opening password-protected projects.