Curio 10.3.2 Release Notes

Release Date

September 12, 2016


Curio 10 runs on macOS Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11), or Sierra (10.12).

macOS Sierra Fixes

Important Fix!

This release fixes an urgent issue introduced in macOS Sierra. Apple made a change to the Mac's internal text framework in Sierra beta 5 that broke the technique that Curio has always used to allow the editing of text figures on the idea space and causes a crash instead. This release of Curio now uses a new technique for text figure editing which resolves this issue.

Gatekeeper Path Randomization

macOS Sierra introduces a new security feature called Gatekeeper Path Randomization which introduces some issues.

When you download the Curio application it appears in the Downloads folder. When you go to launch it, Gatekeeper will notice that you haven't manually moved it since the download so, as a security feature, it will do the following:

  1. Create a randomly-named directory deep in the file system.
  2. Copy the Curio application from Downloads to that random directory.
  3. Mark the directory as read-only.
  4. Launch this copy of the original application.

So? Well now Curio is located in a read-only directory which means checking for updates and updating itself via the Sparkle framework can't happen, because updating itself would require write access. Plus, even if it had write access, it'd be updating that copy of the application in the random folder anyway, not the one in Downloads.

Thus, Curio will no longer check for updates if it notices it's in a read-only location. If you choose the Check For Updates menu item then Curio will politely ask you to manually move it to the Applications folder so updates can occur.

Hey, wait, you say, doesn't Curio support the nifty Lets Move framework which will ask the user if Curio should move itself to the Applications folder? Yes, but sadly that won't work with Gatekeeper because the user has to manually move the application. It can't be done programmatically.

Thus, Curio will no longer offer to move itself to Applications if it's running on Sierra.

To reiterate:

How to Install Curio

Drag Curio from your Downloads folder to the Applications folder. Installing in this manner will allow update checks to occur.

Robustness Fixes

  • Fixed project gallery issue where deleting a custom category would refresh with an empty list of categories instead of refilling it correctly. (The remaining categories were not actually deleted, it just appeared to look that way which was confusing.)
  • Fixed issue where renaming an asset figure that represents an alias to a file would lose the connection to the file until the project was re-opened. Now renaming works correctly. A similar issue was fixed with the Info inspector's Swap File feature, as well.
  • Fixed issue where copying an idea space as a hyperlink then immediately pasting into Curio could cause a crash due to a malformed URL string.
  • The Open With menus will now only show applications from /Applications or ~/Applications, ignore those in various backup folders or drives. You can show all apps with the Open With Show All Apps advanced setting.