Curio 9.4 Release Notes

Release Date

October 14, 2014


Curio 9 runs on macOS Mavericks (10.9) or Yosemite (10.10).

Curio's New Icon is Ready for Yosemite!

Curio's application icon has been updated to match the Yosemite style.

➤ ➤ ➤ Move your mouse pointer back and forth over this big Curio icon to the right to see the before and after. ➤ ➤ ➤

Some things you will notice:

  • Yosemite icons have a different perspective and rotation than those found in earlier OS X releases — it's more of a head-on look now.
  • Yosemite icons are much cleaner looking, with less busy graphics and more subtle texturing.
  • Curio's distinctive orange and blue coloring are still there so it's easily recognizable on the Dock.
  • The Curio icon now has exactly the same shadowing, lighting, and right-side curve as the other "book" apps bundled with Yosemite, such as Contacts and Dictionary, shown below.

Many thanks to Cuberto, once again, for their most excellent work on Curio's icon.

Updated press resources have been posted to our press page.

Text Editing & Resizing Enhancement

When you double-click on the idea space background to create a new text figure, you will now immediately see resize handles so you can easily resize that new figure to give it a set bounds ‐ at any time even before typing characters or after typing without having to go into select mode first.

While mouse users have long been able to double-click-drag to set a width at creation, this new feature is useful for trackpad users so they can double-tap to create a new figure then use the resize handle to drag out a new size.

And all users will enjoy being able to resize a figure while still in edit mode.

On a related note, the size of the smaller resize handles have been increased a tad to make them easier to grab.

Container Figure Date/Time Modified Variable

When you modify, delete, move, create, or do anything to figures within a containing collection, such as a pinboard, then that overall container's last modified date is now updated as well, even if a re-layout (in the case of a mind map, for example) was not required.

With that in place, Curio can support a few new variables which may be useful related to the container's last modified date and time.

So, for example, you can set a pinboard's title to something like

{%ContainerFigureItemCount} Tasks - {%ContainerFigureDateModifiedShort} @ {%ContainerFigureTimeModifiedShort}

and it will be instantly updated when items within the pinboard are modified in some way.

Superscript & Subscript Improvements

Superscripting and subscripting are now even better:

  • New keyboard shortcuts, identical to those used in Apple Pages app, are now available under the Format > Font > Baseline submenu to make it easier and faster to superscript or subscript selected text.
  • Those same menu items now decrease the font size of the selected text, just like the superscript and subscript inspector bar buttons, and just like Apple Pages.
  • Previously Curio used to directly modify the underlying baseline attribute of the selected text. However, in this release we're now using the standard super/subscript internal text attribute. Why? By using this attribute the super or subscript will automatically shift itself appropriately if the overall font size is changed. Previously changing the overall font size would keep the old baseline attributes as-is, not shifting itself as appropriate when the font size changed.

Status Shelf Enhancements

Easier Adding

Added a handy Add Current Project to Category menu item to the Status shelf projects actions popup menu so you can easily add the current project to the current Status shelf category.

Untagged Tasks

Added a handy Include grouping for untagged tasks menu item to the Status shelf tasks actions popup menu which will include a new Untagged grouping for all untagged tasks, when you're grouping by tag sets.

This is super-handy because you can drag-and-drop an item from the Untagged grouping to a tag grouping to change its tag association directly within Status.

More Tweaks

Lastly, the tasks area of the Status shelf will now remember your scroll position when you switch projects which makes stepping through tests much easier to do.

Notable Tweaks

  • Added new Into bundled stencil with an arrow shaped figure going into another figure, as shown on the right.
  • Modified the idea space and figure gallery windows so the default zoom is a bit smaller and the windows a bit bigger so you can see more items.

Notable Yosemite Fixes

  • Fixed the trial countdown display in the title bar so clicks on the countdown work correctly.
  • Fixed presentation mode so it supports slideshows on the secondary display.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a flakey Show Rulers item under the Format menu.
  • Fixed issue where Zoom to Fit wasn't working correctly if you stepped past a folder.
  • Fixed issue where double-clicking a text figure with an action wasn't performing the action.
  • Using Command-LeftArrow/RightArrow will no longer extend the selection in the Organizer.
  • The Show/Hide Checkmark context menu item now works correctly with a group figure.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the inspector bar text color well from working when editing an RTF file in the Organizer.
  • We no longer warn you with repetitive Cannot save changes. Is the file read-only? occurring via the autosave system.
  • Idea space links now correctly refresh their previews or icons if the linked-to idea space changes.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur at startup if you immediately edited a text figure at the same time Curio was generating previews for figure styles.
  • Fixed Format > Text > Writing Direction submenu so it now works correctly.