Curio 8.5 Release Notes

Release Date

April 22, 2013


Curio 8 runs on macOS Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8).

New Features

Lots of good tweaks and fixes in here. We appreciate all the feedback from everyone!

Better Table Cell Drop Support

Curio can now arrange items dropped into table cells in very flexible ways.

Smarter Table List Tab Support

When editing a table cell that contains an OS X native hierarchical list (created using the Lists popup in the ruler via View > Show Ruler) the Tab/Shift-Tab key presses will be sent to the text list for indent/outdent and not the table itself. Otherwise, if you're in a table text figure and the blinking text cursor isn't at a location within a text list then the table will get the Tab/Shift-Tab and move to the next/previous table cell, instead.

Move Files Into Curio

Normally when you insert a file into Curio, a copy of the original file is made and stored within the Curio project package. By holding down the Option key you have been able to store an alias to the original file instead.

Now Curio allows you to move the original file into Curio directly. This is useful when you don't need the file at its original location anymore and are happy if it only lives in Curio.

You can do this by holding down the Command key while dragging a file into the idea space, the project library, or the Scrapbook library.

The Insert > File dialog has also been updated to support moving in addition to copying and aliasing.

To further associate "Command key = move", the Scrapbook and Evernote shelf handlers have been modified so that moves out of their respective libraries are now performed with the Command key instead of the Option key.

Better Help Menu

This release has a much more useful Help menu and includes links to the video tutorials on YouTube, to the Zengobi Forums, and to the Curio 8 Advanced Settings page. As well as a handy "Ask Support" item to quickly send questions to Zengobi Support.

Robustness Tweaks

  • Major improvements to the inspectors internally so, for example, a single Notes inspector can be used for idea spaces, Organizer documents, and figures. Previously this required three different floating Notes inspectors which was confusing and some customers lost notes due to this confusion.
  • Smarter handling of drag-and-drop events into collections if the drag moves to another app or beyond our window bounds which could leave hovered-over collections in an invalid drop state.
  • The Project Library shelf now handles asset updates from other threads (such as idea space preview updates) with better thread safety.
  • Changed a number of spots in the code where a dispatched Quick Look preview (for an asset figure preview image, an Organizer document preview, or a Status shelf project preview) could return after the project has been closed thus causing a crash.
  • If Curio is unable to send a deleted asset to the Trash, perhaps because it's on a remote volume, then it will now permanently remove the asset instead of just leaving it there and taking up disk space.
  • On project load, Curio now finds all orphaned assets that should have been sent to the Trash previously but perhaps failed due to the remote volume issue reported above.
  • On project load, Curio now scans the Organizer hierarchy tree to verify all items, correcting broken parent-child relationships.
  • Added new internal locks to Calendar/Reminder syncing to avoid thread collisions and therefore thrown exceptions if a sync and save happened simultaneously.
  • Made sure many of the collection-related (mind map, list, etc) layout and style checks that happen after a brief delay are done without adding useless items on the undo stack. This means undoing typing and drag-and-drop operations in mind maps, for example, are now much more reliable.
  • Fixed code where extending selections in a mind map or list by using Shift and the arrow keys could cause an exception.
  • Smarter handling of dropped Mail messages so Curio more reliably grabs the from, subject, and date.

Notable Fixes

  • Idea space links now display much sharper previews.
  • Curio will now make sure on project load that the Organizer has correctly re-selected whatever was previously selected and is in the primary view.
  • The Organizer now remembers and restores its open/close state and width between project re-openings.
  • Now displaying better confirmation warnings when you attempt to delete an Organizer item or section.
  • Fixed table issue where you couldn't specify more than 99 rows or columns.
  • Fixed issue where Paste As > Table would reset the style information for the affected cells.
  • Fixed some very subtle style coloring issues with mind map and list collections.
  • Fixed issue where mind map boundaries weren't drawn correctly when an idea space was first loaded.
  • Tightened mind map boundaries slightly so neighboring boundaries can't overlap each other.
  • Fixed problem where if fill colors match stroke is checked then the background was not replaced if you changed styles.
  • Fixed sticky line issues involving Insert > Space.
  • Copy As > Hyperlink is now properly disabled if a section is highlighted.
  • Fixed issue where newly created stencils didn't have previews in the Gallery.
  • Got rid of the Handwritten Heading figure style since the Handwriting font went away when iWeb was discontinued.
  • After drag-selecting (aka rubberbanding) around one or more figures the selections handles are now correct re-rendered.
  • The Actions go to specific idea space inspector will now allow you to choose an idea space in another section.
  • Added a fix to Curio's Mail As functionality so carriage returns in the body text of emails sent through Microsoft Outlook 2011 are handled correctly.
  • Added some checks to project statistics to handle odd errors that some customers were getting.
  • Finally figured out the odd jumpy scrolling issue when you have a small idea space and a scaled view size.
  • Holding down Option while clicking the New toolbar button will no longer inadvertently open a split view.

Power-User Preferences

  • Normally Curio asks QuickTime via Apple's QTKit if a given file dragged into Curio is a media file. On some systems, oddly those systems that have Wolfram Mathematica installed, QTKit appears to be a bit too aggressive for unknown reasons so Curio may believe a boring text file dropped into Curio is a movie file. If you want to add extensions for Curio to treat as non-media files then type the following in Applications > Utilities > Terminal: defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Additional Non Media Files" -string "nb,config"