Curio 6.2 Release Notes

Release Date

November 16, 2009


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) on PowerPC or Intel machines.

New Features

Curio 6.2 adds more yummy goodies to Curio 6.

Curved and Orthogonal Lines

Curio now supports curved and orthogonal lines! Just right-click on a multipoint line to select a new line type via the context menu, or change the line type in the Figure inspector. You can drag your midpoints around to change the shape of the spline curve or orthogonal control points.

On-The-Fly Multipoint Lines

You can still right-click on an existing line to add midpoints but now we've added an even faster way to create multipoint lines.

Grab the line tool and click to start the first point, then drag to place the endpoint. But before you release the mouse button hold down the Option key. When you release the mouse you'll find that you've dropped a midpoint and now you're placing a new endpoint. Continue holding down Option to keep dropping midpoints as you release the mouse. If you're done, just release the Option key before you drop your last point.

Since we're using the Option key for this that means we've taking away the normal modifier to create a non-sticky endpoint. So, the Control key is now used for that operation: just hold Control while dragging a point so you can place it over an existing figure without sticking to the figure.

Index Card Enhancements

  • Copying multiple selected figures as text or exporting them to text will now grab them in scanline order instead of basing the export on z-order. This means top to bottom, left to right. So you can now lay out your index cards in a rough matrix or grid and they should output as text in an expected order.
  • You can now change the location of an index card's title and body figure's flag adornments using the little circular slider in the Adornment Options inspector panel.
  • The index card body lines are now drawn under the body figure's text. However, any flag adornments are drawn off to the side with no lines underneath (looks nicer that way).
  • You can no longer drag items out of an index card, although you can still cut or copy. Instead, when you try to drag the title or body text of the index card the index card itself will be dragged. This should make it much easier to stack and rearrange cards without accidentally dragging content out of a card.
  • If you resize an empty collection figure —including index cards— then Curio will store that size as the default size for future collections of that type. Note the title is ignored when determining if the collection is empty.

Other Features

  • You can now change the location of an table cell's flag adornments using the little circular slider in the Adornment Options inspector panel.
  • Greatly increased mind map layout and rendering speeds for many complex mind maps.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed several issues where figure styles were being reset to default style in tables, lists, mind maps, and index cards.
  • We're now making sure all lines drawn in tables, etc, are nice and sharply defined.
  • Curio is now much, much, much more memory efficient when printing or exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed a bug where lines couldn't stick to specific positions on multipoint lines.
  • Fixed problems where tag use counts could become out of sync thereby showing an inappropriately large number of active uses for a specific project tag (in File > Project Properties > Tags).
  • When sending a stencil or idea space template to a friend to Zengobi we're now stripping tags from those items before sending.