Curio 5.4.4 Release Notes

Release Date

June 18, 2009


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed problem where dates associated with figures had invalid time values associated with them which caused confused sorting in the Status shelf.
  • Robustness check when manipulating mind maps and lists which should hopefully take care of the rare crash that some folks are experiencing.
  • Fixed problem where the Curio "Add to Scrapbook" Services item would not grab rich text from Safari.
  • Got rid of the Evernote Premium banner.
  • You can now set the delay in seconds when dragging in "promised files" from other applications using this hidden preference:
    defaults write com.zengobi.curio "Promised Files Delay" -float 1.0
    This might be a useful preference to tweak if Curio has problems grabbing messages with large attachments dragged in from Mail, for example. Note the default is just 0.1 seconds.
  • Improved robustness checks when performing common operations to help squash that undo bug.