Curio 5.3.1 Release Notes

Release Date

November 21, 2008


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!

New Features

Move Figures Up and Down in Sibling Order

You can now move selected figures within a list or mind map up and down in sibling order using either of these shortcuts:

  • OmniOutliner-style shortcuts: Command-Control-Up Arrow / Command-Control-Down Arrow
  • MS Word-style shortcuts: Control-Shift-Up Arrow / Control-Shift-Down Arrow

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed problem where the Collect Into submenu items were always disabled.
  • Pressing tab while editing a node in a mind map will not only create a child but now start editing that child as well.
  • When the Status results list refreshes itself it will now remember its previous scroll position.
  • Restored the missing insert/remove line midpoint menu items from the figure's popup context menu.