Curio 5.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date

August 19, 2008


Curio runs on macOS Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Status, Scrapbook, or Search shelf could freeze if they try to display a resulting item with no title.
  • Fixed problem with grouped figures not behaving correctly when trying to save.
  • Fixed problem where the title of a list or the central topic of a mind map could suddenly lose formatting in certain situations.
  • It is now much more obvious when dragging list or mind map items that you are dragging them within the collection, or out to the idea space layer, or even to another collection.
  • You can now expand/collapse list and mind map hierarchies while in presentation mode.
  • Now supporting m4v as inline video files and m4a as inline audio files.