Curio 1.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date

February 17th, 2004 — our first public release!


Curio 1 runs on macOS Jaguar (10.2) or above, with Safari.

New Features

  • Page Setup changes are now stored with the document.
  • Dossier and text figure text views now have continuous spell checking enabled.
  • Select All in an idea space now selects scribble region as well.
  • Added m4p to the list of music asset extensions so they can be played within the idea space.

Notable Fixes

  • Library assets marked for deletion weren't being purged.
  • Resizing the dossier's Edit Questions dialog had problems.
  • Fixed issue with Quick Zoom: press the q key, click on a figure, drag it, then release, and release the q key. You were placed where you clicked, not where you released.
  • Fixed issues with dossier text views wrapping text under the scrollbar region.
  • Dragging categories around in dossier's Edit Questions is now easier to do.
  • Option-dragging a figure or scribble region used to jump a bit when the drag started.
  • Redraw problems when pasting a figure rectangle.
  • Pasted figure archives are now arranged a bit nicer.
  • Dropped assets from the Finder are now arranged a bit nicer.
  • Undoing the creation of a rectangle is now cleaner.
  • Greatly increased the selection speed when dragging a selection region.
  • Full Screen mode is now canceled if the last document is closed.
  • The opacity inspector control is now disabled if the eraser tool is used.
  • Crash no longer occurs if, while editing a text figure, you press and hold spacebar to activate hand-scroll mode.
  • Inspector is now cleared when the project dossier is brought up.
  • Undoing asset title changes where multiple instances exist in an idea space is now cleaned up.
  • You can now save while still in the middle of editing a text figure and the edits are saved.
  • Holding Shift while creating a rectangle or circle figure is no longer flakey.
  • Grabbing resize handles is now a lot easier.
  • Fixed problem in the asset library with tracking multiple references of a child asset within the same idea space.
  • Dossier text views now support Bold and Italic formatting menu items and hot keys.
  • Show Ruler now toggles to Hide Ruler as appropriate.
  • Document attributes are now only saved if the user specifically saves the document.
  • Fixed fuzzy text problems with using Quick Zoom or the zoom-to-fit scaling feature.
  • Deleting an idea space no longer removes contained assets.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar resize issue when Organizer is collapsed.