Curio 5.1 Release Notes

Release Date

September 19, 2008


Curio runs on OS X Leopard (10.5). OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported!


Unless otherwise specified any features listed are in all editions of Curio. Features only available in certain editions will be listed with color-coded words like this [ProStandard]. So, for example, [Pro], means that the feature is available only in the Professional edition of Curio.

New Features

Curio 5.1 adds some cool new features based on the feedback we received after launching Curio 5.

Project Encryption [Pro]

Via the new File > Set Password menu, you can now set a password to control access to a project. A password secures your project by encrypting its contents.

When a project is encrypted the following restrictions are imposed:

Internally, Curio is using openssl's AES-128 support to handle the encryption and decryption.

Note that any embedded assets, including documents, images, and audio and video recordings, will not be encrypted.
WARNING: If you forget your password, your data will be lost. Zengobi cannot decrypt the project for you.

If you need to encrypt everything in your Curio project — including all embedded assets — we'd recommend using either a volume protected with FileVault, or an encrypted disk image that you use to store your Curio projects (perhaps one disk image per client, for example). Alternatively, you can use an application such as Knox which can automate the creation and sizing of encrypted disk images.

Huge Spread PDF Speedup

The Spread PDF feature has been completely rewritten so it is now shockingly fast and can easily handle very large PDFs with 100's of pages.

You can, of course, create an initial idea space that contains multiple instances of the same PDF and the spread will be even faster. For example, drag the Aperture 2 manual to an idea space and duplicate that image figure and make it show page 2 of the PDF (using the Display inspector). Then right-click the idea space in the Organizer and choose Spread PDF and it will create 351 idea spaces, in roughly 6 seconds, each showing 2 pages of the PDF. Or make the initial idea space have 3 instances showing pages 1, 2, and 3 of the PDF then spread it and it will create 234 idea spaces (in roughly 3 seconds) each showing 3 pages of the PDF.

Date Calendar Popup

Clicking on the date controls in the Inspector Bar and the Dates Inspector will now reveal a popup calendar.

Print Headers and Footers

Printing idea spaces, or exporting/mailing them as PDFs, now includes a header (with the idea space name) and footer (with the idea space number). This is enabled by default but can be controlled via the the Curio Preferences panel or the Curio print/export options panel.

Note the footer is the idea space number, not necessary its page number (since that could vary depending on if fit-to-page is selected).

Presentation Mode Apple Remote Support

You can now use that little 6-button remote control that came with your iMac or MacBook laptop to control Curio's presentation mode!

Presentation Mode Multi-Touch Support

Multi-touch gestures supported by Apple's newest laptops have now been added to Curio's presentation mode.

Other Features

Notable Fixes