Curio 4.1 Release Notes

Release Date

November 13, 2007


Curio 4 runs on OS X Tiger (10.4) on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

New Features

List Titles!

By extremely popular request, lists now have titles!

List titles are enabled by default for all newly created lists. You can also selectively add or remove titles from one or more lists using the List Inspector.

You can customize the style of the title figure, and use the Inspector to set that as the figure style for that level (technically that's level 0). That means the title style attributes will be included with any saved list style you create.

Screen Snapshots

Curio now makes it even easier to grab screen snapshots from other applications.

Simply click on the Snapshot toolbar button to take a picture, or press and hold the toolbar button to see the Snapshot preferences. You can choose to take a snapshot of a window or any rectangular region. And the result can either be automatically placed in your current idea space, or added to your Snippets library, or simply stored in your Clipboard.

Leopard QuickLook Plugin for OS X Leopard (10.5)

Curio now includes a QuickLook plugin for instant CoverFlow and QuickLook previews. To assist with this, all idea space previews generated within Curio are now 512x512 images instead of 256x256. As you work on your idea spaces, all of your previews will be updated to the new larger size.

Sharing Curio Items

You can now easily share custom styles, dossiers, and Sleuth sites you create in Curio with friends and with the whole world via the new Curio Community Center. Here's what you can now easily import, export, and share:

Visit the Curio Community Center to see what people are sharing!

New Bundled Saved Searches

Curio now includes a bunch of default saved searches:

And, of course, you can still create and save your own custom searches.

Other Features

Notable Fixes