Curio 3.2 Release Notes

Release Date

June 28, 2006


Curio 3 runs on OS X Panther (10.3) or OS X Tiger (10.4) on PowerPC Macs, OS X Tiger (10.4) on Intel Macs.


Unless otherwise specified any features listed are in all editions of Curio. Features only available in certain editions will be listed with color-coded words like this [ProK12HomeBasic]. So, for example, [ProK12], means that the feature is available only in the Professional and K-12 editions of Curio.

New Features

iPhoto Exporting [ProK12Home]

You can now export your idea spaces to an iPhoto album for easy photocasting to colleagues or syncing to iPods for presentations on-the-go! Requires iLife '06.

New Idea Space Toolbar Popup

The new idea space toolbar button is now a popup allowing you to choose a specific notepaper style for your new page! You can even create a new idea space which uses the same style as the current idea space.

Support for Tiger's Integrated Text Lists and Tables

OS X Tiger (10.4) added new List Support and Table Support features to the built-in text editor control. This control is used in Apple's TextEdit application and in the text figure within Curio. Curio 3.2 now fully supports these new features in our text figures via the new Format > Text submenu.

Create Archive

New File > Create Archive feature allows you to easily create copies of your current project with, optionally, all assets embedded and the resulting project file zipped and compressed.

More Idea Space Backgrounds

We have bundled in several new idea space backgrounds (thanks Oliver!) plus we now let you easily choose images found in the standard Desktop Pictures and its subfolders.

Speed Improvements

Samples Gallery

New Help > What Can I Do With Curio menu item shows a gallery of cool things you can do with Curio. Be sure to check it out!

Other Features

Notable Fixes