Curio 1.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date

February 26th, 2004


Curio 1 runs on OS X Jaguar (10.2) or above, with Safari.

New Features

  • The default size for the idea space is now automatically determined based on the largest screen hooked up to the computer. For laptops in particular this should result in a huge performance boost.
  • New keyboard shortcuts to select drawing tools: V=select, F=figure, T=text, L=line, B=brush, E=eraser
  • Since E=eraser we remapped S to edge snapping (it was E).
  • New Feedback menu item!
  • You can now paste RTFD data into Curio! This is a mix of graphics and text usually copied from TextEdit or Safari. We turn the text into a text figure and separate all the graphics into separate image assets.
  • Pressing Option-Delete or Option-Del on a selected asset figure in an idea space will give you the option of removing it from the entire project including other idea spaces and the asset Library.

Notable Fixes

  • Sharing projects or PDF's via Mail is now working on 10.2.x thanks to some new AppleScript.
  • Doing a Save As and checking "embed assets" is now working correctly.
  • We now cleanly handle loading in invalid project files.
  • Better handling of Page Step changes in the idea space's Page tab in the Inspector.
  • Fixed lots of goofiness in the idea space's Page tab in the Inspector.
  • Tweaks to the Edit Questions dialog in the dossier so it won't potentially lose changes.
  • Better "dirty flag" handling when marking a project as modified.
  • Tons of cleanup when handling undoing and redoing!
  • Clicking after bringing up the control-click context menu when a drawing tool is selected will no longer crash.
  • Minor changes to the dossier template descriptions to make them look a tad bit nicer.
  • Transparency works when printing.
  • Fixed a potential thrown exception when changing the font of a text region.
  • The figure's Layout tab in the Inspector is now disabled when actively editing the text of a text figure.
  • Fixed a potential thrown exception that could occur if the asset's path couldn't be resolved (aka an alias but the project was moved to another machine).
  • Better error checking when adding assets.
  • When dragging a selection of several figures they stop dragging when the boundry of the group hits the boundry of the idea space. This also fixed the redraw problems with dragging out a line endpoint or moving a line.
  • Fixed issue when checking the minimum system when determining if a product update is available for the user.
  • The grid settings in Preferences are now saved.
  • Now paying attention to an image's DPI when determining the image size.
  • Hiding Sleuth sites in the Preferences are now saved.
  • Fixed redraw problem with deleting assets from Library when figures based on those assets are in a brand new idea space.