Curio Mac App Store Limitations

Curio products are available from both the Zengobi website and the Apple Mac App Store. If you download or purchase a Curio product from the Mac App Store then please note the following.


All products available from the Mac App Store are sandboxed. This provides greater security, so apps cannot access resources outside their domain, but imposes certain restrictions on Curio products available from the Mac App Store:

  • Sandboxed Curio products cannot open stored aliases to document files or other projects created using a different Curio product. So, the sandboxed Curio Express can only open or render aliases to documents created using Curio Express, but cannot resolve aliases in projects created using Curio. Similarly, the sandboxed Curio Reader cannot open or render aliases in projects created using either Curio or Curio Express. However, the non-sandboxed Curio sold from the Zengobi website is unrestricted and can resolve any alias created with any product. This sandbox limitation is on aliases only as embedded documents can be opened by any product.
  • Sandboxed Curio supports mailing from within the app but is required to use the OS X sharing service and may not be compatible with all mail clients. Non-sandboxed Curio supports a customizable AppleScript technique for working directly with most major mail clients.
  • Sandboxed Curio cannot create or execute AppleScript figure actions.
  • Sandboxed Curio cannot use "native" slideshow transitions, but Quartz Composer and Core Image transitions are permitted.
  • Sandboxed Curio cannot support the "Save PDF to Curio Scrapbook" feature. Instead you can save the PDF to your Desktop then Command-drag it into an idea space to move it into your Curio project.
  • Sandboxed Curio cannot support the screen snapshot feature. Instead use the OS X screenshot feature:

Additional Limitations

The following additional limitations are imposed on Curio products available from the Mac App Store:

  • Curio products sold at the Mac App Store do not allow unrestricted web access, otherwise they would receive an “adult” rating. For this reason, both inserting a generic web view into an idea space and adding custom Sleuth web sites are not supported.