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Curio Standard. Kickstart your productivity.

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Curio Professional includes everything in Standard plus our most advanced features for power-users and productivity gurus.
  • Synced figure instances where copies of figures across a project share content and meta (transclusion).
  • File-backed text figures display the content of embedded or aliased rich text or markdown files as text figures.
  • Figure layers allow for more flexible layouts and arrangements.
  • Cross references, with custom types like Agree and Evidence, can be created between figures, idea spaces, and web locations for more organized research.
  • Status shelf for easy cross-project task tracking at a glance.
  • Query-based collections allow you to create list, mind map, or stack collections that contain the dynamic results of a query, like due<2w or #active.
  • Master figure styles & stencils, master idea space styles & templates, and master markdown styles for dynamic updates throughout a project.
  • Presentation mode for group brainstorming sessions, plus Present in Window for remote window sharing.
  • Custom figure data allows custom keys and formatted values to be associated with your project figures.