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Curio 8.6.3
Requires Mac OS X 10.7.4+
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Integrated environment.

Curio includes everything you need to take notes, create mind maps, manage documents, sketch out ideas, and much, much more.

All in a single, amazingly intuitive application.

Task master.

Curio supports lots of different meta data so you can instantly find what you need and sync all your tasks with your Mac OS X Calendar.

Plus so much more.

Styles, stencils, and templates. Evernote integration. Sleuth internet assistant. Audio/video recording. Google Docs. WebViews. YouTube & Vimeo videos. Index cards. Everything you need to be incredibly productive, all in a single app.

Discover what you can accomplish with Curio. Download a free 25-day trial today.

“I have yet to review a better, friendlier, or more powerful tool for taking on any project under the sun.”


“Taken together, Curio is one fast-loading, responsive package with fantastic potential and tons of flexibility.”


“If you haven’t tried Curio before, now is the time.”

“Everything cool about Curio just got better.”
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What’s Curio?

Curio is an amazingly flexible digital notebook for storing and managing everything.

The Real World

You have work projects and home projects, school classes to manage and book reports to research, vacations to plan and novels to write, web sites to design and lab results to organize. Perhaps you currently use a collection of notebooks, your office whiteboard, scraps of sticky notes, oodles of browser bookmarks, and multiple documents scattered around your hard disk.

Basically you have a mess.

Curio Can Help!

In Curio, create a project to represent your real-world project, then fill it with everything related to that project including notes, bookmarks, images, documents, and much, much more. Use Curio's integrated lists, mind maps, tables, and index cards to organize all of this information or just place it anywhere on the page. Speaking of which, your projects can have dozens or even hundreds of pages, which we call idea spaces.

Anything placed into Curio can be associated with tags, flags, checkboxes, priorities, ratings, and start/due dates and durations, for fast and easy searching and task management.

The best part is you are in complete control over your idea spaces. Make them sloppy or organized, freeform or in a grid, and place anything anywhere. This is called visual thinking and perfectly mirrors your real-world notebooks and whiteboards so you are instantly comfortable in Curio’s innovative environment.

Thousands of customers around the world use Curio in a surprisingly diverse range of occupations. We have students and professors, engineers and designers, lawyers and writers, entrepreneurs and filmmakers, all using Curio for information gathering, brainstorming, and creative exploration. Download a free 25-day trial today and discover what Curio can do for you.

What’s New In Curio 8? Check out all the new Curio 8 features and screenshots →

Curio 8 is, by far, the most ambitious Curio release since its inception over ten years ago.
Upgrade from any older Curio edition for just $49.99.

New User interface

You’ll love the simplified and modernized user interface with detachable inspector popovers. The entire UI was rebuilt and redesigned from scratch for ease of use.

Insert Popover

A new, incredibly simple method for inserting figures, lists, mind maps, index cards, WebViews, new audio/video recordings, Google Docs, and much, much more.

Insert YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Curio now makes it super easy to insert a streaming YouTube or Vimeo video directly into your idea space.

Live PDF Views and Annotations

Edit PDF’s live within the idea space with support for annotations and markup.

Mind Map Boundaries

Curio mind maps now support colored boundary areas that enclose a parent figure and all of its children.

Easier List, Mind Map, and Table Styling

The method for customizing collection styles is now much, much easier to manage and control.

Calendar and Reminder Syncing

Calendar and Reminder syncing has been greatly improved with support for iCloud-based calendars and reminders, and sharing existing calendars.

Made for Lion and Mountain Lion

Curio now requires Mac OS X 10.7.4 or above. Major portions of Curio have been completely rebuilt to take full advantage of the newest Apple OS X releases, including native full screen & autosave support.

Retina Ready

High-resolution images for the user interface are included so Curio 8 looks gorgeous on retina displays.

Easy Sharing

The new Share button is a fantastic, easy-to-use method for sharing your Curio creations with others.

Organizer Documents

Drag text, image, and PDF files or weblinks directly to the Organizer allowing full-window viewing and editing. The Organizer therefore becomes a more versatile binder of notes and documents.

Organizer Filter Bar

Quickly filter the Organizer based on last modified date, label, tag, or title.

Idea Space Split View

With a single click you can now view more than one idea space at once either side-by-side or above-below.

Figure Stacks

A new mouse-wheel technique makes flipping through dozens of index cards incredibly fast and easy.

Faster and More Robust Code

Tons of internal refactoring and rewriting have made Curio faster, more optimized, and much more robust.

More Robust File Format

No more monolithic asset library containing all data. Instead individual asset files provide a more robust solution, allows for Dropbox browsing of previews.

Shared Repositories

A powerful, extensible repository system allows you to share templates, styles, stencils, color swatches, and Sleuth modules, through network shares or Dropbox.

Evernote Enhancements

Curio has adopted Evernote’s OAuth authentication, which will be required on November 1st, 2012 for all 3rd party access, and their latest API for more robust access.

Improved Audio/Video Recording

Curio now uses Apple’s new AV Foundation framework to provide robust audio and video recording features.

Feature Set Clean-Up

Please note some features, like Dossier and Flashlight, have been removed to tidy Curio 8’s feature set.

Curio = Curio

No more Core, Standard, or Pro editions. This simplifies purchasing, support, and development, and guarantees you have all the great features at your fingertips.

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