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Joined: 20 Feb 2010
Posts: 21
Location: Toronto, Canada

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pavig: All good points. My main (admittedly selfish) desire to have Curio on the iPad is because I'm finding Curio AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL for brainstorming novel and picture book ideas, and would love to have this capability when I take my iPad outside of my home office.

But you're right -- there are always other alternatives. If Curio doesn't create an iPad alternative, I'm sure I'll find other apps that will achieve something similar and will likely keep using Curio on my desktop computer. Curio, however, is the best I've found for visual creative brainstorming so far, so I'll still keep my fingers crossed. Smile

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Joined: 23 Feb 2010
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:44 pm    Post subject: IPad & Professionals Reply with quote

I'm a surgeon at a major university and direct one of our surgical divisions. Curio is the application that I live in day-to-day. I use it in drafting manuscripts, brainstorming scholarly presentations, managing a dozen or more projects at a time, creating marketing plans, developing patient education materials, keeping track of trainee evaluations........
I don't know anything about software engineering, but having this application on the iPad where I can bring it from the operating room, to the clinic, to the office, to the meeting, and everywhere else and have "instant-on" access to all my projects which I can edit on the fly would be THE killer application for iPad for me personally. Having to switch between applications for lack of multi-tasking would somewhat detract from the user experience, but would not stop me from purchasing the app.
Congratulations on a product that you have made essential!

george wrote:
Oh yes, I definitely think the iPad is exciting from a business perspective. I was just giving a personal perspective on how I might use it in my own extended family.

I've learned that the new SDK will allow syncing specific application files, like Curio project files. So that's perfect for moving items from Mac -> iPad if you want to continue working on a project on something more portable/intuitive than a laptop.

I'd love to hear from some students given that we have a TON of college students using Curio. Are you going to be purchasing an iPad? To supplement your Macbook or for replacing it?

Likewise, we have a ton of professional users (designers, filmmakers, and other creative types, and plus engineers, scientists, etc) using Curio. What are your thoughts on the iPad?
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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
Posts: 62

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just visiting the forum after a long absence - there's a log of passion about the Curio / ipad thing! what does this tell us about how Curio would do on the ipad?

I'm a life long student & have many texts that I need to flick through, annotate, link between - basically use Curio for. I find doing this on my lap top kind of kills the whole study experience. It's hard to say why but I think the answer points to why people are excited about the ipad. I've found that I'm using my iPhone as a study tool more than my lap top, despite possessing all of the limitations of an ipad & more! Because it's informal, I can rest on my bed, lay back & just pick it up, hold it like a note pad & interact with it directly. It feels very natural. But it's size is limiting & an ipad is seeming more & more attractive. I think they WILL be different to Macbooks, given my iPhone experience.

Whatever personal opinions are, Apple are going to sell tens of millions of these things in the next few years alone. They're ideal for study & note taking - I think tablet computers are going to be standard in education before long. Why wouldn't you want Curio to be part of that? They're perfect for each other.

I don't know whether the feature set should be pared down or not, but certainly George would have to give very careful consideration to making the UI as simple & streamlined as possible. I'm sure this process would make Curio better. The limited space on the iPhone has really brought out the best in some UI designers - I think these constraints as well as the fresh opportunities introduced with a touch screen will make the next Gen of software on both iPhone/ipad & also on the Mac as new ideas filter back, a real pleasure to use. I think to some extent people have just gotten used to complexity, but the drive for a combination of simplicity & power is what makes Mac's the best & I think that's going to reach a whole new level now. Please make Curio part of it - if you don't someone else will!
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Joined: 27 Feb 2010
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:05 am    Post subject: If Curio is on the iPad, I am sure to have both. Reply with quote

Same as title. Smile Rolling Eyes

I am not a student any more but I do need to take a lot of notes from meetings and group them together with my thoughts and brainstorms. Unlike jmh said, I really rarely call other programs from it, neither do I hear a lot of people doing this. One thing I do do a lot though is to drag files into the idea spaces but I guess you can always do that within your desktop version and I think the iPad Curio should serve as a quick notepad and should have the ability to sync with Curio on my Mac.

I love Curio especially for its user friendly ability to blend charts, tables, bubblemaps with typed texts and handwritten texts. I am a biological researcher and that specific feature is very useful in my everyday work.

If Curio can combine this with the multitouch feature of iPad (and I am going to buy a stylus with it anyway), that would definitely be a great hit. And it would be cool in addition to the organizer we can actually "TURN PAGES" with our fingers (just like the iBook).

I am eagerly looking forward to it when the iPad is here. Thanks a lot!

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Joined: 03 Jun 2009
Posts: 234

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are a lot of folks in this thread pushing for an iPad version of Curio, and they are coming in from the angle of: I could really use this. And I must admit that, with certain caveats, I could also really use this. However, it is with those stipulations that I'd really encourage those to ask themselves a question:

Is an iPad version of Curio going to satisfy my needs.

This moves beyond what we want and on to what can actually be provided on the iPad platform. Based on my understanding of the technical limitations of the iPhone OS, I don't think a Curio version for the iPad will really do me much good. I take notes and whatnot in Curio, but it's strength (for me at least) lies in it's ability to interact with all the other software I use on the mac. And the limiting factor for me using Curio on an iPad (apart for the fact that much of that software may not be available) is the inability to run programs concurrently.

If I had to vote, based on my assumptions above and the assumption that George has a finite amount of time to program, I'd vote for improvements to and major releases of Curio proper. Of course it's his decision, and I'm not going to stop using Curio any time soon. But I wanted to temper the atmosphere with some thoughts toward pragmatism.
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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
Posts: 62

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fair point. I can see that the iPad version would necessarily be pared down, but still I think very powerful. Plus it'd be a gateway to the full version. This is just based on my own note taking, brain storming needs etc. - I don't use external linking much - am I really so unique in that? Is that the be all & end all for the majority of users? Are there potential users who'd benefit even where this was absent? Maybe what we need is a discussion on what features we'd like to see & how we think they might be implemented? That would reveal any shortcomings in our enthusiasm and save George a bunch of wasted time if it's a dud project.

So I'll start the ball rolling. Most of what I want can be done within Curio:

Annotating PDF's (this is the biggy for me)
Mind Map's,
simple word processing
linking between idea spaces
making diagrams, flow charts etc.

I reckon others would want to be able to bring things in from the web easily too.

It's a study thang.

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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
Posts: 62

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's something else I'd like to add to that list, I didn't put it in because it sounded like it couldn't happen, or maybe that it's be too god to be true. It is:

The ability to open EPUB files within Curio, in the same way that you can currently 'spread PDF'.

As I understand it EPUB is the ebook format Apple are likely to adopt for iBooks. If it was possible to annotate these in Curio I would say I simply can't imagine a more powerful study tool for my personal situation. Curio is the best annotator I've seen - nothing is as flexible and feature rich as Curio in this regard (as far as I know). If I could just buy the book I want on the iPad - whack it into Curio & start annotating I'd be - well, I can't find the words.

But maybe there are limitations on such things. In fact there almost certainly are. But anyway, I put it out there in just in case.
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Joined: 23 Oct 2009
Posts: 70

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:19 am    Post subject: iPad Support Reply with quote

I am with jmh on this one. Curio is good but needs some fixes to existing features to make routine as easy as it should be. I would like George to have his development team let us know what problems are being fixed and when they should be released.
I suspect developing for the iPad is not the same as for desktops and learning a new development platform for a new product will over stress limited resources.
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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
Posts: 62

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

...or provide opportunities for new people to come on board & help...
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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
Posts: 62

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

...& impetus to refine the interface that improves the desktop version...
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Joined: 12 Mar 2009
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:06 am    Post subject: Yes, I will buy iPad Reply with quote

I am revisting this thread through link on inkygirl's page. [b]George asked a question earlier if anyone would be buying the iPad, and whether it will be to supplement or replace existing Mac platforms.[/b]

As a student in economics/math, YES. I will absolutely by the iPad! As good as curio desktop is to me ... I have been itching to write my notes directly into digital format. If curio is on the iPad, I will finally be liberated from carrying around binders of notes (and sometimes loosing them). No, the iPad will not replace the current Mac platform instantly (at least not in the near future) ... so I will use it to supplement.

The first version of curio on the iPad should only enable some of the basic functions suggested and provide a gateway back to the desktop version. Good luck George ... this would be a big endeavor should you use to undertake it.
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Joined: 18 Aug 2009
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[quote="curiousone"]Ok. Since I started this thread on the day that the iPad was released, I've seen less than an overwhelming chorus for a "CurioPad", and notably by George. [/quote]

I don't think the iPad has been released yet, at least not outside the US.
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Joined: 11 Oct 2009
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's a good discussion of the issues for small OS X developers who might be thinking of getting involved with development for the iPad at http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7368&hilit=ipad

Briefly, the iPhone/iPad operating system is largely different from the OS X system. Switching to developing for it will require small developers either to give up developing for OS X for the time being in order to learn the new system and write code for it (almost like re-writing one's app for Windows, it is said), or hiring someone to do the job for them. Because such a person or people will have to be paid (!), this may involve the small developer betting the farm on a platform which may not immediately revolutionise computing. Existing OS X customers will possibly become annoyed at the delays in developing for the platform they use. And in the end the iPad app will be significantly less capable than the one on OS X.

Unless a developer is very well-funded (like Evernote) or already medium-sized (like Omni Group), I can well understand any reluctance to move with the speed some users might want to embrace the new platform.

Until the iPad does start to take over the world, better perhaps simply to find ways in which one's software can sync with it or merely import text from it and export to it.
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Joined: 06 Mar 2010
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:59 am    Post subject: iPad app would help me use Curio more Reply with quote

I'm a technical translator, recently moving into also teaching seminars. I spend hours in front of my computer working. So it is a lovely break for me to be able to get out of that chair, lie on the floor or move to another area, and brainstorm on upcoming seminars. Until now I have done that on paper, so that I can be away from the computer for a few minutes and working in a different position.

I haven't actually used Curio much, even though the program seems very appealing (I keep buying upgrades, thinking Surely I'll Start Using It Soon), because I already sit/stand in front of the computer too many hours a day working. It would be very useful to have even a scaled-down version of Curio on my soon-to-be-purchased iPad, so that I could play with ideas when I'm away from the computer.

I understand the stresses of a small business being overextended, and recommend caution ... I wouldn't want to lose Curio because George dies of exhaustion. BUT I would definitely buy an iPad version of Curio, and it would probably lead to me using my main computer version more, too.
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Joined: 31 May 2009
Posts: 205
Location: Pennsylvania

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm an R&D manager with a large portfolio of projects. Most of our company is MS or Unix based. I use a Mac and PC at home, but have a tablet at work (MS). On the tablet I use OneNote very heavily and find it very valuable for all sorts of things - particularly collecting info, making my own review/assessments, and brainstorming.

I finally decided to get an iMac and iPhone about a year ago to do some iPhone programming for fun. I had used Macs years ago and have rediscovered why I liked them so much. I'm migrating to the Mac at home for everything, so am planning on migrating to a Mac for my work in the near future. I searched the internet for a OneNote replacement since it looked like MS has no intention of putting it on a Mac and found Curio. It seems really great. I finally bought the Curio Pro version for home and will buy another one for work when I get a Mac there too. I've been converting a lot of people to OneNote and I'm sure I will to Curio too when they also migrate to Macs.

I wanted to reply to this thread though to say the thing that helped me decide to go ahead and purchase Curio "now' (for home and eventually for work) was the possibility of having a Curio version on the iPad. I know the first version won't have all the things I'm going to want (camera, gps) buy we'll be buying two for home use when they come out in April. Having the ability to easily use Curio at home or work whether using desktops or iPad is extremely attractive to me.

Yes I have and use EverNote, but I don't put very much on it because I'm not completely trusting of putting my info in either "the cloud" or an outside service (sorry all "Software as a Service" and "Cloud" folks!). And it is highly unlikely that my company will being do so for a long time if ever.

It's the same reason I won't use Google Docs, etc. With OneNote and Curio, I have the great brainstorming/research/project management capabilities I need. As I migrate to the Mac-basis, I just want to capitalize on the portability/mobility trend and at the same time assure all of my information is confined within the protection of my (or work) systems.

It's my belief there are many like me out there (engineers and scientists), as well as others, that as our companies become more open to Mac use again and we all experience (or re-experience) the Apple offerings, you are going to see a faster growing market share of business purchases on the Mac. Helping us all transition from Microsoft PCs & Blackberries to Macs/iPhones/iPads faster will help zengobi's business grow faster I predict.

So, please consider Curio for the iPad! It's only going to get better and better. Also... Curio for the iPhone would be nice too!
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