Incorporated in 2004, Zengobi, Inc. is a privately held company based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

zen⋅gobi | zen-'gO-bE | noun

zen — Japanese
A Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation.
gobius — Latin
A small spiny-finned fish. The sand goby is a small fish that swims in the shallow waters off the shores of North Carolina (not too far from our offices).

Before incorporating, in late 2002, we began work on a new type of software application. One that blends the freeform flexibility of a whiteboard, sketchbook, and notebook with the organizational capabilities found in asset management and project management applications. The user interface and feature set were prototyped and refined over a period of several months with the help of a focus group composed of creative designers.

The result is Curio — an innovative and visual application for information gathering, brainstorming, and creative exploration.

Since its release in early 2004, Curio has garnered innovation awards and fantastic reviews from all around the world. Our customers are an eclectic mix of graphic artists and Hollywood filmmakers, professors and students, knowledge workers and CEO’s, engineers and scientists, and everyone in-between.

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Press Releases


Zengobi Introduces Curio Express and Curio Reader
May 11 — Two new Curio apps available only from the Mac App Store.


Zengobi Releases Curio 9
June 23 — Updated for Mavericks & Yosemite, new albums & pinboards, mind mapping enhancements, additional flowcharting shapes, plus much more.


Zengobi Releases Curio 8
October 11 — Modernized user interface, made for Lion & Mountain Lion, Retina graphics, plus dozens of additional features and enhancements.


Zengobi Introduces Curio Core at the Mac App Store
May 16 — Zengobi releases a personal, app-sized edition of Curio.
Zengobi Announces Curio Deployment at the Chadwick International School
Feburary 8 — Zengobi encourages creativity in the classrooms at South Korea’s new, state-of-the-art academic facility.


Zengobi Releases Curio 7
October 19 — Project sections, Organizer folders, new mind map arrangements, galleries, advanced tags, shadow & gradient effects, and more!


Zengobi Releases Curio 6.2
November 17 — Curved and orthogonal lines, on-the-fly multipoint lines, plus index card enhancements!
Zengobi Releases Curio 6.1
October 13 — Index cards, decoration image, smarter exporting, plus more improvements!
Zengobi Announces Curio 6
September 16 — Tables, figure stencils, custom flag icons, mind map line styles and branch colors, plus more!
Zengobi and Evernote Welcome 24x7 Brainstorming
February 12 — Curio’s Evernote integration allows for idea gathering wherever you are!


Zengobi Releases Curio 5.3
November 18 — Customizable print headers & footers, AquaMinds NoteTaker NTML importer, lists⟷mind maps, plus much more!
Zengobi Releases Curio 5.2
October 28 — Multipoint lines, external hyperlinks, variables support, plus more improvements!
Zengobi Releases Curio 5.1
September 30 — Project encryption, remote and multi-touch support, and blazingly fast Spread PDF!
Zengobi Announces Curio 5
August 26 — New Status shelf, iCal Synchronization, Idea Space Templates, plus more!
Zengobi Announces Curio 4.2
January 22 — Audio/video recording and new mind map and Leopard features.


Zengobi Announces Curio 4.1
November 13 — New Leopard features plus integration with the Curio Community Center.
Zengobi Announces Curio 4.0
July 17 — New mind mapping, snippets, and project management features!


Zengobi Announces Curio 3.2
July 12 — New iPhoto exporting, support for text tables and lists, and more!
Zengobi Launches Universal Version of Curio
March 29 — Curio is now native on Intel Macs!
Zengobi Curio Applies Itself in School At The Art Institute of Tampa
March 28 — Curio is first in its class!
Zengobi Announces Curio 3.0
January 31 — New project management and advanced searching features.


Zengobi Releases Curio 2.4
June 1 — Curio is under the Spotlight with new Tiger support!
Zengobi Curio 2.3 K-12 Edition with Profanity Filter
April 27 — Kid-safe Sleuth is perfect for classrooms!
Zengobi Releases Curio 2.3
April 19 — Figure actions and awesome idea spaces!
Zengobi Releases Curio 2.2 and Curio Editions
March 8 — More ways for everyone to get inspired!
Zengobi Announces Curio 2.1
January 12 — Curio invites you to think outside the box!


Curio Wins an O’Reilly Mac Innovation Award
October 27 — Curio 2.0 delivers the goods!
Zengobi Announces Curio 2.0
October 5 — The ultimate idea development environment only for Mac OS X!
Zengobi Releases Curio 1.2
May 12 — You asked for it ... you got it!
Zengobi Announces Curio 1.1
March 31 — It’s a feature extravaganza!
More Ways to Save!
March 5 — Buy for your school, buy in quantity.
Curio is a Hit!
February 26 — All around the world, users flock to Curio.
Zengobi Introduces Curio 1.0
February 17 — Creative thinkers and designers collectively breathe a sigh of relief.
Zengobi Awakens!
January 12 — Will the world ever be the same?

Press Resources

Curio 9 Screenshots (download all as zip)

Curio 9 Express Screenshots (download all as zip)